Trump-Hating “Actor” Alec Baldwin Appears Devastated As He Lists $29 Million Hampton Home Before Facing Possible Criminal Charges Over “Rust” Shooting

100 Percent Fed Up – A District Attorney has announced that Alec Baldwin could be facing criminal charges for the fatal shooting of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, which he has fervently and repeatedly denied responsibility for.

Santa Fe DA Mary Carmack-Altwies has filed an emergency request for $635,000, which are reportedly the necessary funds to hold four separate jury trials for four of the people connected to the incident and for a private investigator.

In a letter obtained by the Los Angeles Times, Carmack-Altwies specified that her office is considering homicide charges and gun violations against four people, one of whom is Alec Baldwin.

Carmack-Altwies wrote, “During the filming of [Rust], Alec Baldwin shot and killed Halyna Hutchins and injured Joel Souza while rehearsing a scene. Many individuals had handled the gun that ultimately killed Hutchins and injured [director Joel] Souza.”

“Since October of [2021], my office has been waiting for evidence to be examined by the FBI. The results of the investigation have now been returned to my office. Only a few items are outstanding but are expected any day,” added Carmack-Altwies.

One piece of evidence is Baldwin’s phone which has been turned over to prosecutors.

After news broke that New Mexico prosecutors might charge Baldwin, he was photographed at a park in Brooklyn by the Daily Mail looking distressed. The actor, who was with his children at the time, moved away to take the call in private. Baldwin seemed forlorn as he talked, holding his head in his hands as he leaned on a nearby fence.

Baldwin’s attorney, Luke Nikas, has been quick to quell speculation, issuing a statement that said,

“Some media reports today draw false conclusions based on a letter from the Santa Fe District Attorney. The DA has made clear that she has not received the sheriff’s report or made any decisions about who, if anyone, might be charged in this case. And during my communications with the DA’s office just a few weeks ago, after the August 30 funding request was submitted, I was told that it would be premature to discuss the case because they had not yet reviewed the file or deliberated about their charging position. It is irresponsible to report otherwise. the DA’s office must be given the space to review this matter without unfounded speculation and innuendo.”

Just last month, a highly-anticipated FBI forensic report from August determined that the weapon fired by Baldwin “functioned normally when tested in the laboratory,” suggesting it could not have fired without someone pulling the trigger. This directly opposes statements made last year by Baldwin in which he insisted the prop gun malfunctioned and he did not pull the trigger.

Deceased cinematographer Halyna Hutchins with husband and son

Baldwin is also facing a wrongful death lawsuit filed by Hutchins’ family, alleging that Baldwin and the involved film staff breached “the most basic rules of firearm use on a film production.”

Baldwin has recently put his $29 million, 10-acre home in the Hamptons up for sale. He has owned this property since 1996. It appears that this may be an effort to begin shifting assets and shielding them from the major lawsuits he faces.

Alec Baldwin’s Hamptons home, now listed for $29 million

Robert Steele, a Manhattan trust lawyer, speculated to Daily Mail about Baldwin’s recent listing, saying, “I’d be interested to see if he’s buying anything in Florida because Florida has special homestead protections. OJ [Simpson] bought a house in Florida and got protections there that you can’t get in most states. I’d be curious to see if the creditors could claw that back.”


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