Rogue FBI Uses “Identity Theft” and “Conspiracy to Commit Identity Theft” to Justify Mike Lindell Search Warrant

This is not the America we used to know, folks.  It’s almost as if they are deliberately tearing it down to give new meaning to “MAGA” in the 2022 and 2024 elections.  Last week, Steve Bannon broke the news that numerous search warrants/raids and subpoenas were being issued.  Harmeet Dhillon confirmed it on Tucker Carlson that same night.

Yesterday, The Gateway Pundit reported that Mike Lindell was raided by the FBI and they seized his phone.  We learned from his podcast on FrankSpeech that the FBI was likely tracking him all day as they arrested him far from his home on a hunting trip.  Agents surrounded his car in a Hardee’s drive-thru and demanded he hand over his phone.  Mike pleaded that he uses his phone to run five companies, all major corporations, including MyPillow and MyStore.  He told agents he does not have a computer and that his entire life is on that phone.  He told the agents that his phone controls his hearing aids.  Mike told the agents that all of the Dominion stuff is posted to his website and there’s no need to take his phone.  He encouraged them to look at the evidence!

Now we also know how they justified this totalitarian warrant:  Identity Theft.  And “destruction of a protected computer” and “conspiracy to commit” the two “crimes.”  “Conspiracy” is one of those charges that they use to justify essentially anything they’d want with loose evidence at best.



This “investigation” is centered around Colorado and the Tina Peter’s criminal case.  But the imperative civil lawsuits in El Paso County are being widely ignored by the judiciary.  The Gateway Pundit has covered the recount debacle in Colorado and the stonewalling by Sec of State Jena Griswold from conducting a candidate funded hand recount after the atrocious failure of the Logic and Accuracy testing back in August.  The lawsuit to compel a hand recount was dismissed from the district court, refused by the CO Supreme Court, and now headed to the US Supreme Court, where hopefully they choose to hear this.  There is standing.  There is injury.  It is recent enough. And there is relief that can be granted.  There is no excuse not to hear this case.

In the meantime, the rogue FBI continues to harass private citizens who speak out against this regime.  If you dare challenge the 2020 elections or, in this case, the 2022 elections, rather than prove it’s legitimacy with transparency, they throw you in the trenches with lawfare.

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