Man Arrested After Vandalizing the Washington Monument (VIDEO)

An arrest has been made by the U.S. Park Police after a man vandalized the base of the Washington Monument.

“The United States Park Police has an adult male in custody for vandalizing the base of the Washington Monument with paint,” the department said in a statement.

The vandalism, which was done with bright red paint, appeared to say “have you been f-cked by this?” with an arrow pointing up.

“Gov says tough sh-t,” the next line appeared to say.

“Nightly monument report. Someone has painted the the side with red paint. There is an individual in cuffs off to the side and police have blocked the area out to the grass,” Fox 5 reporter Katie Barlow tweeted with photos of the damage.

Barlow also tweeted a video of the male in custody.

“The area at the base of the monument will be temporarily closed,” the US Park Police continued. “National Park Service conservators will work on the restoration process. The investigation is ongoing and there is no more specific information at this time.”

In a tweet, the Park Police said that the National Park Service will be working on the restoration.


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