HERE WE GO: Ebola Outbreak in Uganda Has Doctors Scrambling

An outbreak of Ebola is being reported in Uganda where doctors are scrambling to contain it. 

There are reports out of Africa of an outbreak of some form of ebola that doctors are trying to address:

Ebola has spread almost 50 miles through rural communities in Uganda – with cases clustered near a busy road leading from the capital Kampala to the Democratic Republic of Congo, health officials revealed on Thursday.

Doctors are scrambling to mount a response to a relatively rare form of the highly contagious deadly hemorrhagic fever, which leaves people vomiting blood and has no approved vaccine.

“As of today, we have seven confirmed cases of whom we have one confirmed death,” Lt. Col Dr Kyobe Henry Bbosa, who is currently leading Uganda’s Ebola response, told journalists. “But we also have seven probable cases that died before the confirmation of the outbreak.”

Dr Bbosa said that authorities had not identified the so-called index case or “patient zero”. But he added that the outbreak appeared to have started around the beginning of September, “when people started dying” in a small village in Mubende district in central Uganda.

So far 43 contacts have been identified, while ten people are believed to have caught the virus. Dr Bbosa added that the infections were spread out over an area of about 70km (43m).

Earlier this year there were reports of Ebola in China. Dr. Robert Malone warned about this nasty virus on the War Room.

Dr. Robert Malone Fires Off Warning Shot on The War Room: Latest Disease Spreading Across China an “Ebola-Like Hemorrhagic Fever Virus” (VIDEO)

This news out of Africa comes as the COVID crisis was proclaimed over by senile Joe Biden which was quickly rebutted by others in the government.

Also, the 2022 mid-terms are coming up.  COVID was used as a reason for unconstitutional actions before the 2020 Election like the installation of illegal drop boxes across the country.  Will this happen again?

We’ll see what happens next with this ebola outbreak.  

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