EIN Presswire Shuts Down Naomi Wolf’s Account Without Notice – A Closer Look at Their Background Is Very Revealing

The EIN Presswire service is preventing the DailyClout team from publishing press releases to thousands of news outlets. Dr. Wolf explained this stunning development in her recent WarRoom TV interview. Executives of this newswire service are investors in patient care, pharmaceuticals, and have deep origins to the Democrat swamp. If Naomi opened another account, EIN Presswire would keep that money, with no refunds.

Most companies use a service to publish their press releases. These “newswire” services distribute the story to a massive number of news outlets. It’s up to each news agency if they will push the info out to the public. There’s no reason for the service to interfere. EIN Presswire is one of these critical services. When Dr. Naomi Wolf used her Presswire account on Sept. 10th, she learned her account was closed, with no warning. Her publicist was trying to upload the documented proof that both the CDC and White House ordered the censoring of Dr. Wolf.

New Missouri AG legal documents show the CDC held BOLO (Be-On-The-Lookout) meetings with Twitter in May 2021. The CDC used a factual tweet from Dr. Wolf as their example of misinformation and those to be banned. A senior White House advisor, Andy Slavitt, also used Wolf’s tweet in his discussions with Big Tech about online misinformation. Her 2021 tweet can be seen here.

It factually reports “Hundreds of women (reported) have bleeding and clotting after vaccination. Needs more investigation”. Twitter banned Naomi days after these government meetings.

EIN Presswire is one of the products offered by Newsmatics Inc. They are a D.C. based company just off K Street on the 10th floor of Blake Building (202-335-9494). Petr Stanek is their (COO) Chief Operating Officer, contacted at [email protected]. Stanek is also the co-investor of Machavert Pharmaceuticals. They are creating targeted therapeutics to enhance immunity intended to help fight disease. He’s also the co-investor of the largest Czech telemedicine platform. It connects patients with more than 300 healthcare professionals. Stanek lives in Prague. In fact, most Newsmatics software developers and engineers are hired in the Czech Republic as remote employees.

The Chairman of Newsmatics is Joe M. Rothstein, contacted at [email protected]. Now in his mid 80’s, some might remember Joe as a political strategist for deep swamp radical Democrats. This includes Tom Daschle, Patrick Leahy, Don Riegle, Tom Harkin and so on. He started in Alaska as a newspaper editor, and claims to have worked on more than 200 political campaigns since. Now an author, Joe provides hateful rants about Trump as seen here. He’s a resident of the D.C. area swamp but wants it known he vacations right near the Biden family.

David Rothstein is the CEO and founder of Newsmatics, contacted at [email protected]. But it was Joe Rothestein who signed the Maryland merger docs. The company was formed in 2005 as the Internet Product Development Group, Inc. (IPD Group). The Better Business Bureau has listed the IPD Group with a D- rating for a very long time. Maybe it’s why they changed the company name to Newsmatics in May of 2022. In that press release, David Rothstein disclosed “we will push back against misinformation as part of our core ethos”.

The Newsmatics User Agreement is one of the worst user terms you will find in any customer-oriented business. They can do whatever they want, to any customer, whenever they want, for absolutely no reason. The terms show no interest in educating customers or supplying notifications if mistakes are made. “We may suspend or stop providing our services to you if you do not comply with our terms.” Terms say the customer is responsible for the accuracy of their content. But Newsmatics is allowed to edit or reject that content, having no responsibility to verify any facts.

Given Joe Rothstein’s age, he could protect his health by reviewing that data published by DailyClout.io, not suppressing it. The 2,500 member DailyClout team includes medical experts, project managers, and over 180 lawyers. They are the ONLY team scouring the tens of thousands of documents that Big Pharma wanted the courts to seal for 75 years. It’s the impressive DailyClout team that is exposing all the vaccine related health risks, deleted data sets, altered trials, and the cabal of Covid mRNA misinformation.

Another Newsmatics product is called Affinity Group Publishing. Over the last year they’ve created over 3,900 websites. The sites were supposedly launched to fill those “deserts” lacking any news. Give me a break here. David Rothstein says “Our planning leads to hiring local journalists to further increase the quality of our localized news content.”. See what they launched in your own State. TGP previously reported how Democrats use an identical scheme. They create local “trusted” news sites that push liberal bias intent on misinforming citizens.

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