Videos of the Ground War In Ukraine–Ukraine Attacks Thwarted

Seeing is believing. The following videos provide graphic evidence of the one-sided fight that is taking place in the Donbas. Yes, Ukraine is still shelling some cities in Donetsk and the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant. But these are isolated attacks that are not changing the strategic picture in Ukraine’s favor. Just the opposite. Russia is grinding and, in the process, destroying Ukrainian troops and equipment, most of it provided by the United States and NATO.

First up is a summary from August 25 courtesy of South Front. In the south, the Russians are moving closer to Nikolaev. Remember, this is the area where Ukraine promised to unleash an offensive a month ago ostensibly to defeat the Russians. It is not happening.

Video Summary of Operations in the Donbas

The following video highlights the fact that soldiers in the 21st Century confront a threat that Allied and Axis troops did not face during World War II–i.e., night vision and guided missiles. If you look carefully at the end of the first half of the video, which shows Ukrainian troops in a forest, you can see the pinpoint of light that is akin to a Javelin anti-tank missile launched from a distance with devastating results:

Russian Attack on Ukrainian Forces Near Nikolayev

Ukraine has tried to launch isolated counterattacks on Russian positions. As I discussed in my previous article on Combined Arms, it is a suicide mission. You will see the Ukrainian troops fleeing from the flaming vehicles. Those poor soldiers subsequently are hit with follow up rocket and artillery strikes.

Ukrainian Attack Repulsed Near Ugledar

Last is a bombing/shelling of a Ukrainian fortification in Donetsk. The advent of drones, integrated with satellite targeting, puts entrenched troops at a serious disadvantage. They often do not realize they are being watched and that their coordinates are being fed to artillery and missile systems that will hurl death their way. This is a brutal war.

Russian Attack on Ukrainian Fortification

If anyone has similar footage of Ukrainian attacks on Russian positions please let me know. While western media continues to insist that Russia is stalled or retreating, these videos continue to populate the internet. But there is no comparable evidence from the Ukrainian side notwithstanding their robust, western supported propaganda campaign. Russia is showing no signs of let up in its campaign nor a shortage of artillery and rocket rounds. This helps explain why Ukrainian troops are falling back and abandoning positions in the Donbas.


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