Is the U.S. Losing Control of Iraq? Protesters Ransack Presidential Palace

Protesters outside the presidential palace on Monday.


Our old “friend” Muqtada al Sadr aka Mookie announced he is withdrawing from Iraqi politics and his supporters stormed the Presidential Palace in the Green Zone and are threatening the U.S. Embassy. The situation is chaotic. There are some reports that the United States Embassy is being evacuated via  helicopters. There is a contradictory report claiming the Americans are still hunkered down in the Embassy.

Mookie is an Iraqi Shia cleric. Although he received support from Iran in the past, he is notorious for his independent streak and, when convenient, thumbing his nose at the Mullahs in Tehran. Want makes this current dust up so interesting is that it pits Iraqi Shia loyal to Sadr against other Iraqi Shia’s who don’t follow Mookie. If you recall, Iraq is a majority Shia country and some of those Shia are aligned with Iran.

The Iraqi Government has imposed an immediate curfew in Baghdad. Remains to be seen if the Government has the ability to enforce it and quell the uprising. Mookie’s supporters claim they have seized 6 Government buildings in Baghdad. Sort of looks like a coup.

The Iraqi Government is firing tear gas and the Sadr supporters.

Here is video showing smoke billowing from the Green Zone:

And it is not just smoke. You can hear gunfire as well: Is this part of a new annual Biden event? You know, abandoning a U.S. outpost in the Middle East?  


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