“Trump Is His Own Worst Enemy. He’s Incorrigible…The Attacks on the FBI Are Over the Top” – Former AG Bill Barr Goes Off on Trump

Bill Barr turned into a huge disappointment for American Justice.  His recent interview along with his past record proves this.

Now he’s calling President Trump “incorrigible” and he agrees with the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago. 

Bill Barr is not a dummy but he doesn’t appear to be very honest either.   Barr was interviewed on the Bari Weiss podcast where he discussed many topics.

Barr started off his interview by saying the following:

Trump is his own worst enemy. He’s incorrigible. He doesn’t take advice from people. And you’re not going to teach an old dog new tricks.

Barr continued by propping up the lie that Joe Biden won the 2020 Election outright and shared the following about President Trump:

…He continued to be self-indulgent and petty and turned off key constituencies that ultimately made the difference in the election.

[President Trump received 75 million legitimate votes in the 2020 Election – more than any President or Republican ever.  Barr apparently believes senile Joe Biden recieved 81 legitimate votes as well.]

In regards to Russiagate Barr said that Russia stole emails and dumped them into the public arena.  But this is not true.  The CEO of Crowdstrike, the firm identified in public reports as supporting the claims that Russia hacked the DNC and gave the emails to WikiLeaks in 2016, shared under oath that there was no evidence for this.

EXCLUSIVE: We Were Absolutely Correct – Released Transcripts Show Crowdstrike Had No Evidence Russia Hacked Emails from the DNC and Sent Them to WikiLeaks!

The 2020 Election never should have been certified but it wasBill Barr gave the uncertifiable election the push to be certified.  It couldn’t have been done without Barr.  He was a big reason that events in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and across the country were given the Deep State’s seal of approval.

Barr shared this about the 2020 Election:

Immediately on election night, the president came downstairs early in the morning and started saying there was major fraud underway and pointing to the fact that votes at the end of the evening were overwhelmingly Democrat. But we had expected that all along. Everyone had been saying that’s exactly what would happen. Using that as evidence of fraud made no sense to me. Suggesting there was major fraud as early as he did, in retrospect, looks to me as if that was the plan for election night. If we think we’re going to lose, we’re going to claim it was fraud.

In any event, right away there were all these allegations spilling in about election fraud. The Department of Justice has control over investigating fraud, but not challenging rule changes or allegations that the rules weren’t being followed. Those have to be litigated by the states. The more we looked at the fraud allegations, the more we saw that most of them were frivolous, and those that weren’t frivolous were simply not substantiated by the evidence.

As TGP has reported over and over, in Detroit, van loads of ballots arrived early in the morning after the election and Barr called this normal.

Dirtbag Bill Barr Said Driving Vanloads of Ballots into Detroit’s TCF Center Late at Night was “Entirely Normal” – Blocking GOP Observers from Counting Room Was Acceptable

In Pennsylvania Barr’s response to an investigation of a truckload of filled in ballots being shipped to Pennsylvania from New York before the election was to kill it.

“Bill Barr Broke the Law… The Fix Is In… Bill Barr Did Not Do His Job” – EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Tony Shaffer on Barr’s Actions After the 2020 Election

Barr makes a weird statement about Steve Bannon when talking about the 2020 Election that seemed to come out of nowhere:

I had never heard of some plan to stay in office and I don’t know anyone else who had heard of that, except, it appears, Steve Bannon. There was a pre-election audio that was leaked where he said that the president was going to stay in office.

Then Barr shared the following about his outrageous desire to ignore the stolen election of 2020 thereby handing the corrupted election to senile and corrupt Joe Biden.  This really is outrageous:

AG BARR: The president was out there continuing to say that there was major fraud and claiming that the Department of Justice was asleep at the switch and wasn’t doing anything about it. By that time, I decided I really had to say something publicly. I thought it was irresponsible to keep on talking about the election being stolen unless we had some evidence of it. And there was none at that point.

I talked to the AP reporter and I told him that to date we haven’t seen evidence of fraud on a scale that would have affected the outcome of the election. I knew when I said that that I would probably be fired for it because it contradicted the president publicly. But I felt that I had to do it. I had an appointment with the chief of staff at the White House that afternoon. I told my secretary that she might have to pack up for me because I would probably be fired. I went over and the president asked me to come in.

BW: And what happened?

AG BARR: He was in a little dining room that adjoins the Oval Office. He was as furious as I’d ever seen him. He confronted me and said, “Did you say this to the AP?” And I said, “I did. Because it was the truth.” I went over some of the allegations. He said there was plenty of evidence of fraud. I explained in some detail why the allegations didn’t fly. I told him that there were only five or six weeks to challenge a presidential election because the Constitution requires the Electoral College to meet at a certain date and he didn’t have much time. He’d already wasted five of your six weeks with this crazy stuff about the Dominion machines. He’d wheeled out this clown show of lawyers that no reputable lawyer is willing to work with.

BW: Sidney Powell and people like that.

AG BARR: The dream team.

Barr goes on to talk at length about Jan 6.  Something he says he watched from his living room.  Then he talked about the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago where he shares:

AG BARR: Number one is that I think a lot of the attacks on the F.B.I. are over the top because a decision like this is not made by the F.B.I. In fact, I don’t think the F.B.I. would push a decision that it’s best to go in and search and obtain those documents after being jerked around for a year and a half. The decision would be made at the Department of Justice, by subordinates of the AG, and ultimately signed off on by the AG. The F.B.I. would be told to go and execute it. I think the idea that the F.B.I. is the problem here is misplaced.

Number two—and the main reason I’m irritated at the whole episode—is that it actually strengthens Trump and strengthens Biden and hurts the Republican Party going into the midterms. The focus has once again returned to President Trump and his persona and his modus operandi instead of the pocketbook issues that had been the focus before. I think this has been a bad development for the Republicans’ hopes in the midterms. That’s why I find it frustrating, because there’s political fallout.

I think everyone is reaching conclusions that are premature because there are two bits of important information that we need to have. One: What is the nature of the highly classified information? How sensitive were these documents? Second: What is the evidence, if any, of active conceit by the president or those around him in Mar-a-Lago to mislead the government? Until you answer those two questions, it’s hard for me to say whether or not it was justified. I think people who are taking a knee-jerk position on both sides really should wait and see what that evidence is.

BW: Why do you think Trump would be holding on to these documents?

AG BARR: I don’t know. That’s why it’s hard to explain. That’s why I’m interested in what kind of documents they are. There’s been an effort made to suggest these were Russiagate documents. If they were Russiagate documents, one might understand why the president might want them for reference. But I think, based on what I’ve read, it appears that they went far beyond the Russiagate documents. And that’s the kind of information we need to have.

[Note that the types of documents that President Trump decertified and brought to Mar-a-Lago do not matter.  The President has every right to declassify any documents and take any documents he wants to his personal residence after he leaves office.  This is the law.  Barr likely knows this.]

Barr then stands up for the corrupt FBI Director Chris Wray.

Lloyd Billingsly at FrontPage Mag shared the following about Barr and his interview:

During the Ruby Ridge siege of 1992, the FBI deployed massive military force against a single family. FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi shot unarmed Vicki Weaver in the head as she held her infant child. Snipers are trained carefully to “acquire” the target so the killing was not accidental, as FBI boss Louis Freeh claimed in 1995.

Barr spent two weeks organizing former attorney generals to defend Horiuchi, who already had government lawyers working on his behalf. Barr told reporters he was not directly involved in Ruby Ridge but the Washington Post revealed that the DOJ made 20 telephone contacts with the operation, two of them from William Barr. The Weaver family filed a wrongful death lawsuit and the DOJ paid $3 million. When an Idaho county filed criminal charges against Horiuchi, Barr sought immunity for the FBI sniper.

The shoot-without-provocation rules were approved by the FBI’s Larry Potts. When Clinton attorney general Janet Reno nominated Potts for deputy director of the FBI, William Barr told the New York Times Potts was “deliberate and careful” and “I can’t think of enough good things to say about him.” In 2022, Barr has nothing but praise for Christopher Wray, who was all-in with Russiagate.

To all but the willfully blind, the FBI is now the American KGB, and like that organization engaged in “special tasks,” not exactly within the law. The FBI plants evidence (funds planted on Trump associate George Papodopoulos), falsifies evidence (Kevin Clinesmith changing the email about Carter Page), engages in political stagecraft, (the fake Whitmer kidnap plot) and pressures social media platforms to avoid news of Hunter Biden’s laptop, supposedly “Russian disinformation.”


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