Take A Look At The Sexual Propaganda Displayed All Over The Walls Of A 5th Grade Classroom At The United Nations International School In NYC

Posters promoting cross-dressing, gender fluidity, social justice and “sustainability” are plastered on the walls of a fifth-grade classroom at the United Nations International School in New York City.

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“Proud are the brave,” a poster featuring a man dressed in drag states. “Be true to you.”

“All that matters is that we are in love. Love knows no gender and no hate,” the caption on the photo continues. “Lets celebrate and flaunt our true colors and be proud of it.”

A painting of a lesbian couple hangs on another wall besides a poster that heralds Black Lives Matter.

“Love is love,” states the caption on the painting.

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Photos of the posters were obtained by documentary filmmaker and investigative journalist Jason Bermas. An employee who who recently began working at the UNIS facility said his jaw dropped while observing the propaganda on display to indoctrinate kids and captured photos of the classroom.

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A placard highlighting the “10 Most Gay-Friendly Countries” for “Gay (LGBT) Nomads,” including Belgium, Ireland, , Portugal, Malta, Argentina, Uruguay, The Philippines, Brazil, Israel and South Africa, is also exhibited in the classroom.

“Gay travelers will find extensive gay clubs, bars, hotels and other institutions around gay culture in Ireland,” states the sign, which ranks the Ireland  the second most gay friendly country in the world.

Portugal is ranked the third most gay-friendly country.

“There is a thriving gay life in this Western Europe nation (as well as being known particularly beautiful and fun-loving people,” the poster assures.

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A large banner depicting the United Nation’s “Sustainable Development Goals” is also used to indoctrinate young students in the elementary school classroom. The goals, which are presented in several languages, include “Igualdad de genero” or gender equality as the fifth highest ranked priority of so-called sustainability.

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There are currently 1,545 students enrolled at the UNIS school which offers classes from pre-kindergarten to grade 12.

“UNIS was established in 1974 by a group of United Nations parents to provide an international education for their children, while preserving their diverse cultural heritages. The school opened its doors in Lake Success, NY to thirty-six children who came from fifteen countries and spoke ten languages. The foundation of the school was to create a program in keeping with the spirit of the United Nations that is one making no no distinction as to race, gender, language or religion,”  the UNIS website states.

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Every students faces is masked in a video posted on the UNIS website promoting its academic program.

“At schools now, it’s not just the gender bread person,” Bermas said on his Thursday broadcast. “The WHO has come out with this gender and health agenda where they’ve got ‘new science’ apparently. You’re a ‘bigot’ if you don’t believe the new science. They are indoctrinating your children to another level. Sex is not limited to male or female this is the ‘new science.’ They are going to be promoting gender ideology.”

“This is all a modus operandi of disconnecting you from your humanity and telling you that you can be ‘fluid’ while they enrage people through sexualizing children in many cases,” he continued. “What happened to works of kids in the hallways? Paintings, drawings, history lessons? They don’t care about our constitution, our Bill of Rights, our way of governance. The United Nations, overall, is the front for that authoritarianism and new global governance.”


As the Gateway Pundit has reported, in July,  the United Nations World Health Organization announced its plan to update its guidance on gender to declare that “sex is not limited to male or female” and goes “beyond non-binary.”

World Health Organization Issues New Gender Guidance: ‘Sex Is Not Limited To Male Or Female’

The WHO’s current “gender mainstreaming manual,” which was created in 2011, contends that there are many genders on a spectrum from male to female.

The modified the guidance will focus on “highlighting and expanding on the concept of intersectionality,” which  “looks at how gender power dynamics interact with other hierarchies of privilege or disadvantage, resulting in inequality and differential health outcomes for different people,” the WHO website states.

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The effort United Nation’s agenda to mainstream “non-binary” gender identity is predicated on “transhumanism,” the idea that you “can transcend this body and upload your conscientiousness into their machines, into their simulations and you are not flesh and blood, you are not spirit, consciousness and soul,” Bermas contends. “You are nothing more than a computer program that can be replicated again and again and again — you are zeros and ones.”

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