The Start of the Unraveling of the Trump Mar A Lago Raid

Donald Trump is having a very good week, notwithstanding the flood of negative stories from the Deep State media. It started with the Judge releasing the sealed search warrant and the affidavit that provided the predicate for the search. Now, it is true most of the substance was blacked out, but the documents revealed that this operation was done at the behest of the Washington Field Office.

Well guess what? The head of the FBI’s Washington Field Office, Tim Thibault, was removed forcibly from his office by other FBI agents last Friday. That news just broke today. It comes in tandem with other news that some of the documents taken from President Trump’s residence were covered by Attorney/Client privilege. The FBI violated Mr. Trump’s Constitutional Rights. Or, to be specific, FBI Special Agent in Charge of the Washington Field Office, Tim Thibault, violated Mr. Trump’s rights.

Details about Mr. Thibault’s criminal activities over the last five years are likely to emerge in the coming weeks. For example, Mr. Thibault obstructed justice in the Hillary Clinton case. And he reportedly played a critical role in Cross Fire Hurricane, operating behind the scenes. Thibault was the one who ensured the Hunter Biden laptop never saw the light of day. He helped cover that up. And he has allegedly been involved in other chicanery intended to discredit and destroy Donald Trump.

This is more than rumor. More than a dozen FBI agents have come forward as whistleblowers and are talking to members of Congress and prosecutors. They are dishing dirt, including documentary evidence, on Mr. Thibault and implicating others who violated their oath to uphold the law and chose, instead, to act according partisan political sentiments. Still, it remains to be seen if any of the guilty will actually be tried and held to account. Durham does not have a great track record so far on this count.

It appears that Attorney General Garland and FBI Director Wray are using Thibault as the sacrificial lamb. They can feign outrage that this man lied to them about the predicate for going after the documents in Donald Trump’s residence. They will likely reveal that the raid was Thibault’s idea and he used a pliant FBI agent and a planted “source” to justify the action. Once a real judge gets a hold of these facts, Trump will have once again turned the tables on his persecutors.

This story is likely to get bigger and will implicate both the Clintons and the Obamas. Stay tuned.


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