Seattle First Responders Attacked By City’s Homeless Population

Seattle firefighters have experienced more than 40 violent attacks since April 1st.  The attacks have largely been perpetrated by the city’s homeless population.  The first responders are demanding that the city take action.

Seattle’s progressive policies have had a devastating impact on the city as crime rampages.  In March, Amazon temporarily removed workers from their downtown offices due to rampant crime. First responders don’t have the option to go elsewhere.  They run toward danger and now face attacks by the very people they are trying to help.

These attacks come at a time when the Seattle Fire Department is facing crippling staffing shortages.  Jason Rantz reports that “The Seattle Fire Department (SFD) was understaffed 69% of the time in 2022.”

In a July 26th letter, Kenny Stuart, president of IAAF Local 27, shared his concerns with the Seattle City Council.

The Post Millennial reports:

Stuart described several recent incidents that highlighted the additional danger the firefighters now face thanks to spiking crime in the city.

“Last Monday, July 18th, a Seattle Fire Fighter working on SFD Engine 10 responding to an [homeless] encampment fire at 10 Avenue S. and Dearborn St. was hit by a large rock thrown by an assailant while extinguishing the fire. This fire fighter will recover from this injury, but it is one more unsettling near-miss in [an] all too dangerous environment.”
In another incident on June 3rd during an Aid Response, “Engine 30 experienced their patient pulling a knife on them. The patient stated that they were going to kill the firefighters and then began chasing them with the knife. They retreated to the engine and the person climbed on top of the engine before eventually being detained.”

As has become common in Seattle, the dangerous offender was released. According to Stuart, “Unfortunately, this attacker is now back on the streets around Pioneer Square and has already approached members of this crew and other Seattle Fire Fighters working in the area.”


Two days after the letter was sent, Seattle City Council President Deborah Juarez replied but offered little in the way of assistance.



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