Progressive Policing Policies IMPLODE in Seattle – As Crime Rampages, City Faces Hundreds of Lawsuits, Forced to Pay Back $5 Million in Parking Tickets Given Without Authority by ‘Citizen Enforcers’

The once dazzling Emerald City is currently steeped in feces, needles, and crime, and it’s all thanks to radical ‘progressive’ leftists and their destructive policies.

Known as a progressive case study for many Marxist agendas, the city of Seattle is one of the country’s leaders in implementing some of the most radical legislative changes over the past few years. From defunding the police to decriminalizing hard drugs, emboldening BLM, and banning gas powered vehicles, the city has done it all as of late, but now, the chickens are home to roost.

In 2022, following the George Floyd riots which prompted the City’s decision to cut tens of millions from the police budget, Seattle has seen a 95% increase in shots fired and a jaw-dropping 171% increase in people being shot while dealing with the worst shortage of officers the Seattle Police (SPD) have ever experienced.

As if there needed to be any more evidence that progressive policing doesn’t work.

The botched defunding of the police case study has also demonstrated that getting rid of the police also causes a whole mess of other issues related to civil responsibilities. As of this week, the city government is facing a litany of lawsuits and is being forced to pay back $5 million in illegally-issued parking tickets following a court ruling, according to the Seattle Times.

The ruling forces the city to pay back over 100,000 parking citations that had been issued since the fall of 2021 because they had been issued by city ‘parking enforcement officers’, who had been hired to replace the police, but did not have (and were not officially given) the authority to write tickets or authorize vehicles to be towed.

In addition to writing tickets, ‘enforcement officers’ also carried out over 10,000 tows, impounding over 1,700 cars.

Unbelievably, the city will reportedly not refund the cost of the illegal tows automatically, forcing citizens to submit the issue for review, according to the Seattle Times.

The complete failure of the program has people who are involved reeling over the mountain of lawsuits that will inevitably begin pouring in, especially in the cases of impounded cars. In fact, the president of the City’s only contracted towing service – Chuck Labertew, Lincoln Towing – is guaranteeing he is going to get some of the first resulting legal action, which, he says, will be sent directly to the ones responsible for this mess.

From the Labertew, via the Seattle Times:

“What’s going to happen here is that we’re going to get sued, I can guarantee it, and I’m going to forward every one of those lawsuits on over to the city.”

Back to the drawing board.


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