Russia On The Ropes–Part 13; Really

Alright. I lied. Russia is not on the ropes. But that is not keeping the media presstitutes from trying to do their part as 21st Century Clothos. They are the masters of creating and directing the narrative, which is predetermined in their mythological world. Ukraine wins and Russia loses. Real simple.

Once again the NY Times is front and center with a new (and hilarious) spin on Ukraine’s inevitable march to victory.–With New Weaponry, Ukraine Is Subtly Shifting Its War Strategy:

Despite suffering grievous losses over nearly six months of war, Russia still holds a distinct advantage over Ukraine in a head-to-head fight featuring brutal artillery battles. But Ukraine’s military has achieved some new battlefield success, waging the war on its own terms.

Supplied with a growing arsenal of long-range Western weapons and aided by local fighters known as partisans, Ukraine has been able to hit Russian forces deep behind enemy lines, disrupting critical supply lines and, increasingly, striking targets that are key to Moscow’s combat potential. . . .

The strategy seems to be producing some results. While the Ukrainian military has not made major territorial gains, it has managed to slow the Russian advance across the country, for now, at least, and stanch the heavy losses Ukraine was suffering in recent months, which had led to wavering morale and some soldiers even deserting their platoons.

But the Russians have continued to apply pressure in the east and the south on Ukrainian frontline positions, with some that are slowly buckling. The incremental advances have indicated that despite setbacks from Ukraine’s attacks, the Russian military effort still has enough forces to continue offensive operations.

What is worse than putting lipstick on a pig? Putting lipstick on a corpse. On the very day that the NY Times “reports” that Russia is struggling to advance, Russia took the town of Pesky, which sits at a key junction west of Donetsk. Having secured control of Pesky, the Russians are in a much stronger position to take all Ukrainian territory up to the Dnieper River.

The plight of the Ukrainian troops remains desperate notwithstanding HIMMARS activity. Here’s a recent post from Vladimir Rekhesha who was deployed to Pesky:

Looks like moral is still wavering and the frustration is growing:

Ukrainian troops are warned that if they surrender to the Russians they will be tortured and murdered. The following video does not appear to be staged. It shows Ukrainian troops that have surrendered to Russia’s Somalia Battalion. They are hunkered down in a trench when Ukraine starts to shell the position. Rather than leave the captives to die, the Russian commander orders his men to hustle them into a nearby bunker.

Lastly, there is the Chutzpah award. Vladimir Zelensky is the winner and it is not because he is Jewish. Russia holds the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Plant, the largest in Europe. Yet, according to Zelensky, Russia is shelling itself and putting its troops, who are guarding the plant, at risk. That is some serious chutzpah my friends.

Volodymyr Zelenskiy warns Russian troops against shooting from nuclear plant; . . . Ukraine says it will target Russian soldiers who shoot at the Russian-occupied Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant or use it as a base to shoot from, as both sides again accused the other of shelling the facility. President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said on Saturday that Russian soldiers who shot at the plant or used it as cover would become a “special target”, Reuters reported. He repeated accusations that Moscow was using the plant – Europe’s largest – as nuclear blackmail. The exiled mayor of the town where the plant is located in south-eastern Ukraine said it had come under fresh shelling.

Zelensky, with the urging of his western puppet masters, is pushing the threat of a nuclear holocaust as a last ditch effort to try to stall the Russian advance. Russia has made it clear that they are not going to submit to such blackmail. I suspect this is one of the stories that will dominate the meme in the coming week.


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