Rep. Rashida Tlaib Projected Winner of Michigan Democrat Primary for Re-Election

Rep. Rashida Tlaib is the projected winner of the Michigan Democrat primary for the new 12th district.

The extremely far-left “Squad” member was facing off against Detroit City Clerk Janice Winfrey, Lathrup Village Mayor Kelly Garrett, and former state representative Shanelle Jackson.

The newly drawn 12th district includes the western side of Detroit and parts of Wayne County, as well as a portion of Oakland County.

According to her campaign website, “Rashida has been breaking barriers her whole life. She grew up the eldest of 14 children in a working class family in southwest Detroit, the proud daughter of Palestinian immigrants. Rashida has made history as the first Muslim woman ever elected to the Michigan Legislature, one of the first two Muslim women in the U.S. Congress, and the first Palestinian-American woman to serve in Congress.”

In Congress, Tlaib serves on the House Oversight Committee and is Vice-Chair of the Subcommittee on the Environment. She is also a member of the House Financial Services Committee and Natural Resources Committee. In 2020 she became a ranking member on the executive board of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

Recently, Tlaib made waves by asserting that parents speaking out about Critical Race Theory during school board meetings is “white supremacy.”

Tlaib made the comments during a virtual meeting of the Oakland County Democrat Party African American Committee.

The congresswoman was asked by a woman named Alexandria Hughes about the issue, saying that CRT “examines the systematic effects of white supremacy in America.”

“We can’t allow them to whitewash history,” Tlaib said. “Their intention is to try to, you know, expand on white supremacy.”

Hughes followed up by asking “how [candidates] will use your power to make sure K through 12 schools educators are able to build curriculums that bring awareness to the history of white supremacy, layers of racism, bias, and how that currently exists today?”

“We won’t be able to confront it if history is written upon falsehoods after falsehoods,” the squad member said.

“On the local level, I’m going to show up and be vocal about these efforts. I’m going to continue to train, you know, neighbors and community groups on how to, you know, get folks like us running for office so that we have folks again with various lived experiences making those decisions,” Tlaib continued.

Tlaib continued, “one of the things that continue to push back with urgency is my colleagues who say ‘don’t talk about critical race theory, Rashida, this is not the time.’ You got to continue pushing back on white supremacy in our country, because this is exactly how you enable them to pretend it’s not actually happening.”

“It is happening,” the congresswoman continued. “They’re showing up at our school board meetings right now. They are intentional about making sure that we’re not speaking truth to our children.”

Breitbart News noted that “recent polling has shown a historic reversal on the issue of education, giving Republicans the upper hand.”


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