The Perfect Democrat – Pennsylvania US Senate Candidate John Fetterman Got an Allowance from Mommy and Daddy Till He Was 50

John Fetterman is running for US Senate from Pennsylvania.  This is the best the Democrats have.  He’s actually the perfect Democrat. 

John Fetterman is running for US Senate in Pennsylvania.  He’s like the establishment’s perfect candidate.  It’s like he was put in place to show the GOP that the Democrats own the election process.  They are proving this by running the most radical and unelectable candidate in history for the US Senate.  But if you own the election, you can get anyone elected and the corrupt Democrats are proving that after the stolen 2020 Presidential election.

According to Democrats, Fetterman’s most egregious action was back in 2013 when he chased a black man down the street who he thought was involved in shootings in his neighborhood.  Fetterman then pulled out a shotgun on the black man who it turned out wasn’t involved in the shooting.

Miyares is Black, but Fetterman says because the man was bundled up against the cold, it was impossible to determine his race or gender. Miyares told police that Fetterman caught up to him and pulled a shotgun on him. Fetterman admits he pulled the 20-gauge shotgun from his truck after Miyares refused to stop running but denies he pointed it directly at Miyares.

Police arrived, searched Miyares, and, finding no weapons, released him.

But since Fetterman is a Democrat he is not racist.

Fetterman, who looks like an over aged Antifa radical, proves his Democrat insanity in his record by setting murderers free.  He’s done this a lot during his time as Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania.

Senate hopeful John Fetterman often touts his role in advocating for the release of harmless and “innocent” prisoners. A review of the Democrat’s record on commutation cases, however, shows the Democrat has voted to release violent criminals jailed for their roles in brutal murders.

The more shocking news about Fetterman is that he has been supported by his parents up until recently.  The Philidelphia Inquirer recently covered this.

Public records show — and Fetterman has openly acknowledged — that for a long stretch lasting well into his 40s, his main source of income came from his parents, who gave him and his family $54,000 in 2015 alone. That was part of the financial support his parents regularly providedwhen Fetterman’sonly paying work was $150 a month as mayor of Braddock, a job he held from his mid-30s until he turned 49. Partway through his tenure, in 2013, he moved to an industrial-style loft he purchased from his sister for $1 after she paid $70,000 for it six years earlier.

Fetterman claims he’s a rough and tough working man but in reality, he’s a momma’s boy.  This makes him more like an Antifa member than any other candidate for US Senate and the perfect Democrat party candidate. 

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