Pennsylvania Democrat John Fetterman Ignores Questions When Asked if He’s Afraid to Debate Dr. Oz (VIDEO)

Pennsylvania Democrat Senate candidate John Fetterman spoke gibberish after a GOP operative confronted him on his refusal to debate Dr. Oz.

John Fetterman, Pennsylvania’s current Lt. Governor who is now the Democrat nominee for US Senate, is one of the most radical Democrat in the senate race.

Fetterman is running against Republican nominee Dr. Mehmet Oz in the 2022 US Senate race in Pennsylvania.

John Fetterman has only made a few brief public appearances since his stroke in May.

He can barely string a sentence together after his massive stroke.

“Hey John! Are you afraid to debate Dr. Oz?” a GOP tracker asked Fetterman.

“Huh?” Fetterman replied.

“Are you afraid to debate Dr. Oz? Are you going to debate him? He’s offered five debates? Are you going to debate him?

Fetterman mumbled something unintelligible and walked away.


Not only is John Fetterman not well after his stroke, he got an allowance from mommy and daddy until he was 50 years old.

Fetterman has been supported by his parents up until recently.

The Philidelphia Inquirer recently covered this.

Public records show — and Fetterman has openly acknowledged — that for a long stretch lasting well into his 40s, his main source of income came from his parents, who gave him and his family $54,000 in 2015 alone. That was part of the financial support his parents regularly provided when Fetterman’s only paying work was $150 a month as mayor of Braddock, a job he held from his mid-30s until he turned 49. Partway through his tenure, in 2013, he moved to an industrial-style loft he purchased from his sister for $1 after she paid $70,000 for it six years earlier.

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