After Mainstream Media Attacks, I Give Joe Oltmann an Opportunity to Set the Record Straight

Recently, Joe Oltmann has been under attack from some of the country’s largest “legacy media” outlets, including this article here by the Washington Post.

You must ask yourself: why now?

Almost two years removed from the 2020 election, why is it now that outlets feel they need to rehash the Oltmann story and, rather than talk about what he’s claimed or what he’s published, they instead focus on his past businesses and some of the remarks he’s made on his Conservative Daily podcast.

Subsequent to the election, Oltmann was sued for claims he made regarding former Dominion employee Eric Coomer.

The Gateway Pundit and founder Jim Hoft were also sued.

Oltmann was thrust into the spotlight after he made the claims that he heard “Eric from Dominion” state that “Trump won’t win.  I made f***ing sure of it” during an Antifa call Joe had allegedly infiltrated.

Most of the discussion was about the riots over the summer, but that one line stuck out to Oltmann.  Once Election Day, or rather weeks, had passed and we were all left scratching our heads, Dominion was thrust into the spotlight after a “human error” in Antrim County, Michigan left results flipped from Trump to Biden.

According to Oltmann, it was at this moment that he realized the significance of what he had heard.  “Eric from Dominion”.   A simple search revealed exactly who he believed “Eric from Dominion” was.  Oltmann’s case is ongoing and while there isn’t an actual recording of the statement made by Coomer, Oltmann was able to grab screenshots from Coomer’s social media before it was taken down.

“Only F***ing Idiots Voted for Trump” – Eric Coomer Admits Under Oath that Dominion Executives Share His Extreme Far Left Beliefs

This is just a small, small sample of the hate and vitriol this man displayed publicly for President Trump and the support he showed for Antia.

**Language Warning**

The podcast is also available here.

The statements and opinions in this video Joe Oltmann’s and any allegations he makes are solely his own.

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