“Let Me Be Blunt. Let Me Do Some Harvard Business School Math for You – You’re screwed!” – Steve Bannon on Biden’s Coming Economic Nightmare

The working class is suffering under the Biden/Obama regime.  The equity in their homes is expected to decline as house prices begin to plummet.  Their wages cannot cover the devastating inflation rate.

Now the experts are saying that housing prices are going to decrease by 25%.

The map was compiled by Fortune based on data from Moody’s Analytics. The research company found that 183 of the 413 largest regional housing markets in the U.S. are “overvalued” by more than 25 percent. The map shows that some of those significantly overvalued markets include Boise, Idaho, which is overvalued by 71.7 percent, and Flagstaff, Arizona, which is overvalued by 60.6 percent.

Steve Bannon discussed the nightmare for the average American family in the coming months.

Steve Bannon:  Every time you get a paycheck you’re falling behind because of inflation.  Your real wages, sixteen months in a row (now let me think, how long has the Biden Administration been around here – about 18 months).  Every month since they’ve been here real wages are down.

Ok so you’re losing, your treadmill, you’re losing every day in your wages and now the little bit of equity you have in the world, the little bit of net worth you’ve got in the world, the bottom’s fallen out on that.

Ok.  You are screwed.  Let me be blunt.  Let me do some Harvard Business School math for you – You’re screwed.

Via The War Room.

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