Jennette McCurdy Reveals She Was Told To Drink Alcohol, Given Unsolicited Shoulder Rubs, Photographed In Bikini By “The Creator” As a Nickelodeon Child Star

Singer and childhood actress Jennette McCurdy opened up in her new book about the alleged abuses she faced on the set of Nickelodeon’s “iCarly” by an unnamed adult crew member.

The New York Post reported,

McCurdy, 30, detailed many of the problems she faced while appearing on her hit TV show “iCarly” in her upcoming memoir, “I’m Glad My Mom Died,” including one alleged incident where she was photographed in a bikini as a teen during a wardrobe fitting.

The shoot with an unidentified person — whom she called the “Creator” — also reportedly pressured her to drink alcohol when she was just a teenager on the network.

Her mom Debra, who died in 2013, said moments like this were simply the consequences of fame. “Everyone wants what you have,” Debra reportedly said.

“My whole childhood and adolescence were very exploited,” McCurdy told the New York Times ahead of her memoir’s release on Aug. 9. “It still gives my nervous system a reaction to say it. There were cases where people had the best intentions and maybe didn’t know what they were doing. And also cases where they did — they knew exactly what they were doing.”

“So Close” singer McCurdy also alleged that she was offered $300,000 in hush money to not publicly speak about her tenure on Nickelodeon.

One Twitter user pointed out that the creator of iCarly was Dan Schneider.

The Washington Post reported,

While her mother dominated every aspect of her life, when she got to set each day for “iCarly” and the spinoff “Sam & Cat,” she was also under the domain of Dan Schneider, the creator and showrunner of her two sitcoms and a slew of other shows at Nickelodeon.

In her memoir, McCurdy refers only to “The Creator” when detailing her experiences on set, leaving out a name. The vague moniker is one she just “kind of thought was funny,” she said. “I wanted some laughter around that, specifically because I know there’s so much tension there.”

She recalled occasions where he provided an unsolicited shoulder massage and pressured her to sip his alcohol-spiked coffee when she was 18, while he lamented that “the ‘iCarly’ kids are so wholesome.”

Nickelodeon cut ties with Schneider in 2018, according to People Magazine. In July 2021, People reported,

In March 2018, Nickelodeon cut ties with Schneider, 55, amid reports alleging he engaged in abusive behavior towards staff members on set, as well as speculation about tweets he posted showing the feet of some of the young actresses he worked with, Deadline reported at the time.

Some social media users additionally compiled scenes from his shows, many featuring the stars’ bare feet, claiming the clips as evidence of an inappropriate foot fetish on Schneider’s part.

Schneider described such allegations as “ridiculous” and said kids find feet “goofy and funny.”

Prior to the announcement of his Nickelodeon departure, ViacomCBS investigated Schneider and interviewed dozens of employees, the Times reports, citing sources with knowledge of the review who spoke on the condition of anonymity. According to the Times, the review found no evidence of sexual misconduct, but found that many people Schneider worked with viewed him as verbally abusive.

A review of Schneider’s behavior found no evidence of sexual misconduct, but did they miss something?

Many of these scenes involving feet, mentioned above, are quite offputting and appear in a number of shows Schneider has created, including Nickelodeon’s “Victorious.”

The foot jokes and scenes also appeared in iCarly.

This raises many questions about the children’s TV network.

Did Nickelodeon cover this up?  We also now know that McCurdy was offered $300,000 to stay silent. What were they hiding?

The Gateway Pundit has also reported on the sick and perverted agenda that Nickelodeon pushes onto children.

WATCH: Nickelodeon Releases Video of Creepy Drag Queen Pushing the Black Power Fist and Trans Flag to Kids

How many other child actors at Nickelodeon faced this same potential abuse?

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