HUGE! Computer Expert Jeff Lenberg: “The Biggest Smoking Gun That Exists Anywhere In All Of This [Elections]”

Yesterday, the Conservative Daily podcast hosted Jeff Lenberg to discuss the 2020 election.  Mr. Lenberg was one of the experts cited in the Antrim County case and also issued a rebuttal to the J. Alex Halderman report that the mockingbird media heralded as “proof” that Antrim was human error.

I had the opportunity to join Joe Oltmann and Jeff Lenberg on this podcast.  Specifically, I wanted to discuss the similarities (or stark contrast) of Dekalb County, GA in the 2022 primary compared to the 2020 election in Antrim County, MI.  The Gateway Pundit covered this article for further explanation.

Below are the two clips from the interview, one deemed “the biggest smoking gun that exists in all of this.”  They are 15 min. and 4 min., respectively.  The latter is about the Michigan Supreme Court Justices that goes against all political demographics in Antrim County.  To watch the podcast in its entirety:

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Also mentioned in the clips is the fact that Antrim County never did a hand recount for any races other than the Presidential race, despite all down ballot races having votes “flipped”.  It is worth noting that with each “recount”, the numbers got worse and worse for the democrat challenger, from a “victory” (11/3) to a loss (11/5).  And ultimately to a loss with 1400 less votes than the last “loss” (11/6).

No one has yet to explain:  why wouldn’t you confirm ALL races that had significant vote “flips”??

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