Good News! Effort to Put Rank Choice Voting on the November Ballot in Missouri Fails

In February the Gateway Pundit reported that certain Missouri Republicans were going to destroy the state by passing ranked-choice voting that ensures Democrats and RINOs win out in all future elections.

** President Trump won Missouri in 2020 by 15 points over Joe Biden.
** Republicans hold a 24 to 10 advantage in the Missouri Senate.
** Republicans hold a 114 to 48 advantage in the Missouri House of Representatives.

In January, we reported that pathetic RINO governor Mike Parson was pushing “ranked choice” voting in the state to help Democrats.

In February we learned that Republicans in the assembly are pushing legislation that bakes in the questionable procedure in the state.

Ranked choice is a scheme being pushed by radical leftists like AOC in red states across the nation and is a threat to our free and fair elections. It will eliminate the ability of Republican voters to primary unpopular candidates who do not follow our platform. It will usher in corrupt elections wherein multiple rounds of vote juggling sometimes results in the person with fewer votes actually being declared the winner. It will throw state elections to Democrats. And it will ensure anti-establishment, pro-citizen candidates never get elected to state office in Missouri again at all costs.

Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft told The Gateway Pundit back in March, “I don’t know exactly who’s behind this. I think it’s some of the usual suspects. It’s clearly being done for partisan political gain. One thing I’d like to point out is when they went to ranked-choice voting… It took them weeks to know who won the election. I think the last thing we need in our country right now is more uncertainty about who wins and who loses an election.

On Tuesday Secretary of State Ashcroft announced that the petition to put Rank Choice Voting on the November ballot failed in Missouri.

This is tremendous news for Missouri and the future of the republic.

Rank Choice Voting will not be taking place in Missouri anytime soon.

Via Freedom Principle Missouri:

Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft announced on Tuesday, August 9 that the petition to put Rank Choice Voting on the November ballot failed to meet the verified signature threshold and therefore does not qualify for the upcoming election.

“The Freedom Principle MO is celebrating the failure of this petition,” said Byron Keelin, President of the Freedom Principle MO. “Missourians dodged a serious attempt by globalists, progressive republicans and left-wing radicals to disrupt and steal Missouri elections.”

“Rank Choice Voting is a plan by Progressives to infiltrate red states with the intention of turning them blue,” said Keelin. “Rank Choice Voting is anti-Democratic. It is a threat to our American Republic and removes the one-person-one-vote process that has been in place since the founding of this country and re-affirmed by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1962 (Baker v. Carr).”

The Rank Choice Voting effort was led by progressive republican John Hancock and was funded by an outside dark money group called Article IV from Virginia.  One of the top funders of Article IV is a couple, John and Laura Arnold, from Austin, TX who has contributed more than $300K to the petition efforts. “It’s a shame the former Executive Director of the Missouri Republican Party and some out of towners would attempt push this petition on Missouri voters,” said Keelin. Hancock’s firm donated more than $30,000 to the petition effort between January and April in 2022.”

The Freedom Principle MO will be working with legislators to pass legislation to protect the sanctity of the one-person-one-vote. “The Freedom Principle MO worked with Representative Dan Shaul and other republican legislators to pass HJR 131 in the 2022 legislative session, but this bill died in the Senate thanks to progressive republican leadership,” said Keelin. “We must make sure Ranked Choice Voting never sees the light of day in Missouri elections.”

The Freedom Principle MO’s mission is Creating a new voice for St. Louis, for Missouri, and for the USA. The Freedom Principle MO is a pro-Citizen, Pro-St. Louis, pro-Missouri First organization. For more information about the Freedom Principle MO or to join, donate or support our organization, visit our website at

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