“I Think It’s Ridiculous We’re Not Moving to a 7-1 Map” – MO Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft Discusses Redistricting and Ranked-Choice Voting Movement in MO and Drops Names (AUDIO)

Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft

The Gateway Pundit spoke with Missouri Secretary of State John (Jay) Ashcroft on Wednesday morning. We asked Secretary of State Ashcroft about the redistricting updates in Missouri, the local players behind the “ranked-choice voting” movement, and the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) system now used in Missouri.

Ranked-choice voting is a scheme being pushed by radical leftists like AOC in red states across the nation and is a threat to free and fair elections in Missouri. It will eliminate the ability of Republican voters to primary unpopular candidates who do not follow our platform.  It will usher in corrupt elections wherein multiple rounds of vote juggling sometimes results in the person with fewer votes actually being declared the winner. It will throw state elections to Democrats. Secretary Ashcroft says ranked-choice voting is a First Amendment violation.  Jay Ashcroft told The Gateway Pundit, “I don’t know exactly who’s behind this. I think it’s some of the usual suspects. It’s clearly being done for partisan political gain. One thing I’d like to point out is when they went to ranked-choice voting… It took them weeks to know who won the election. I think the last thing we need in our country right now is more uncertainty about who wins and who loses an election. We need more transparency. We need more visibility. We need more accountability… There are several so-called Republican political operatives and consultants who are behind this. We see Andy Blunt, we see David Barklage, who was just recently convicted for a felony for tax evasion. And we see John Hancock who is supporting this. That’s terrible and I wonder why the Republican Party is continuing to hire people who are trying to destroy the party? And I would question anyone who is using those consultants, what are their motives?

The ERIC System: Secretary of State Ashcroft, “I am responsible for that.” Secretary Ashcroft added, “It’s not an inherently good system and it’s not an inherently bad system. It is a cost-effective way to do it… I’ve called on ERIC to go through an audit just like they do with credit card processors to make sure there is no real chance of data being leaked. Cuz I think there are real potential concerns for people that this is a lot of data, is it being used for partisan purposes? But with the right governance – it is a way for us to keep our voter rolls clean. It really has helped us to go after a handful of individuals who were voting in two states… What was real important is that you were shining light on that.”

The Gateway Pundit also pointed out the new Fractal Voter Registration System (FPEIS) that is an option to ERIC from Texas.

Missouri Redistricting: The moderates are trying to take us from a 6-2 map, six Republicans and two Democrats that we send to Congress, to what will end up being a 5-3 map where we would end up over the next 10 years sending an extra Democrat to Congress. I don’t think that represents the people of Missouri. I think Nancy Pelosi is on the wrong side of every public policy position when you look at what the run-of-the-mill Missourian believes in. I think it’s ridiculous that we are not moving to a 7-1 map. When you look what’s happening in New York, when you look what’s happening in Illinois, when you look what’s happening in Nevada, and New Mexico, the idea that the Republicans are going to a gunfight with a paper-throwing star, it’s ridiculous.

Let’s hope that works out for Missouri! Republicans need to step up.

The entire interview is below.
We’d like to thank Secretary of State Ashcroft for his time today.

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