Fox News Contributor Caitlyn Jenner Defends Transgender Golfer Trying to Compete at LPGA Tour

Fox News contributor and transgender athlete Caitlyn Jenner is defending a transgender golfer who is trying to compete at the Ladies Professional Golf Associations (LPGA) Tour.

Golfer Hailey Jackson would be the first transgender person to compete in the LPGA.

America Reports host John Roberts pointed out that in 2010 the LPGA changed the rules to allow people who are biological males to participate.

Jenner agreed with the decision, arguing that golf is a “different game ” than a sport like swimming. The Fox contributor had opposed swimmer Lia Thomas being able to compete against women.

“Every sport is different. Obviously, we saw with Lia Thomas she had gone through male puberty, bigger cardiovascular system, it just wasn’t fair. And fortunately we won that, we won that one,” Jenner said.

Jenner argued that Davison is “playing within the rules.”

“Now we come to golf. Golf is a totally different game. It is a game of touch and feel, it is about your ability around the green, to get the ball close, out of the bunker, your ability to putt,” Jenner said. “And the girls on the LPGA tour — I’ve played in some LPGA tour events, these girls are so good it’s a joke.”

Jenner noted that it is not even guaranteed at this point if Jackson will make the cut.

“She’s making the Epson tour, a qualifying tour to get into the LPGA. And so she’s playing by the rules. So honestly, for me, the jury is still out on this one. Let’s just let it play out,” Jenner continued.

Jenner also went to bat for Jackson’s mother, who has been condemning those who oppose the transgender golfer competing against women.

“Unless you are the parent of a transgender child I suggest you keep your opinions to yourself,” Davidson’s mother told the Daily Record.

Jenner agreed that only people who have a “transgender child” should be allowed to comment, despite the participation potentially taking away chances from other people’s female children.

“To be honest with you, I’m on Hailey’s mom’s side. They don’t know what it is like to go through transition, to all the things, how difficult it is,” Jenner said.

In a tweet responding to Fox News sharing the clip, Jenner said, “to be very clear…I want to protect women in sports. This golfer was not good as a guy and is no good as a gal. They will not make the tour. They are following the rules the LPGA, set. Maybe the LPGA needs to look at the rules…???”


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