Election Integrity Arizona: Liz Harris Recaps Her Canvass Results, the Audit, and Drops a HUGE Bomb!

At the Moment of Truth Summit last weekend, Arizona State House candidate Liz Harris had the opportunity to present some of the results from the canvass her team conducted after the 2020 election.  The Gateway Pundit has previously reported on some of these incredible findings.

The canvass was originally supposed to be part of the now-famous “Arizona Audit” but was chopped last minute from the proposed plan.  A legislature-sanctioned audit would have been the proverbial “nail in the coffin” for confirming election fraud.

Despite the lack of support from the legislature, the canvass continued.  And operatives still did everything in their power to stop it from proceeding, including running ads and setting up hotlines warning people not to answer the canvasser’s questions and even employing their own “canvassers” to harass voters in order to discredit Liz Harris’s team.

The canvassers she put together persevered.  They completed the audit and published their earth shattering report back in March of 2021.

Brannon Howse sat down with Harris, allotting her a little extra time because of the significance of Arizona.  That interview can be viewed here.


While the biggest bombshell from this session had nothing to do with election integrity (see below), some of the election related highlights are as follows:

  • Liz Harris revealed individuals involved in this fight have lost their lives, including Aaron Wagner who was reported to have died from Covid-19, and app developer Dustin Laun, who died in a hit and run accident in Boynton Beach, FL in the early morning hours on his motorcycle.  The cameras at that intersection were apparently not working and no suspect has been identified.  The third man Liz spoke of was involved in a plane crash the morning but survived.  All three men were directly and pertinently involved in the Maricopa audit/canvass.
  • If you recall from the audit, investigators discovered that just one password was used for all Maricopa employees accessing the voting system.  In the ongoing Kari Lake v. Katie Hobbs lawsuit, they asked for that password to be unmasked.  The judge refused stating security, which is strange since I would hope the password has been changed since this revelation.  But during the 2020 election, Harris stated  “I’m pretty sure, being as involved as I am, that the password is “password”.
  • Harris also noted that Ben Cotton’s account of the network configuration of 2019-2020 was completely different from the 2021-22 configuration that Special Master John Shadegg looked at with three cyber security experts who are under an NDA.
  • Harris claimed Cyber Ninja CEO Doug Logan had his hands tied by the legislator’s attorneys that warned the legislators about going in certain directions with the Arizona audit.
  • As reported by The Gateway Pundit, HB 2289, “One Day, One Vote” went to its third reading, which is very close to passing.  Then, Senate President Karen Fann essentially killed the bill by refusing to bring it to a vote.  HB 2289 included the following:
    •  A voter may not receive or vote a ballot unless the voter presents a valid state-issued ID.
    • Except for absentee ballots as prescribed by section 16-541:10(a) all voting shall occur on election day.
    • All ballots shall be cast in person by the voter at the voter’s election precinct polling place.
    • All ballots shall be counted by hand, canvassed and results made within twenty-four hours after the polls close.
    • The Board of Supervisors may not establish an election precinct that contains more than 1500 registered voters on the date the election precinct’s boundaries are established.  Harris claims 1500 voters per precinct is too big and argued for only 1000 voters per precinct.
    • The board of supervisors or other officer in charge of elections shall not allow the use of electronic or other tabulating equipment and all counting shall be done by hand.
  • Counterfeit ballots were discovered in the Maricopa audit but the legislators did not allow the information in the report.
  • Canvassing revealed 299k potentially illegal votes but legislators did not allow it in the report.

Liz Harris then went on to drop another bomb that had nothing to do with elections:

Last Monday, a group of undisclosed legislators called the primary winners who aren’t current legislators into a meeting.  The purpose of the meeting was to talk about how things work in the legislature, including pitches from lobbyists.

Then a message was relayed to the potential legislators:  “When you are assigned on a committee, you tell the Chair what your vote is, yes or no.  And you do not change your vote.  You stick with your vote.  In Arizona, we push on this request to speak.  Angel Mom Marianne Mendoza asked ‘what about the people that come in and wish to speak to us?’  And the response was shocking:  ‘We do not listen to them.  We know better.’


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