Democrats’ Inflation Bill Will Add Agents to an Already Armed IRS – Only Democrats and China Win

The Democrats couldn’t be doing more to destroy the US or aid China if they tried.  Their latest inflation bill  passed over the weekend will continue the destruction of the US while aiding and abetting China. 

The Democrats cheered as they passed another bill that will destroy the US while helping China.  Kamala Harris was the deciding vote in the measure to get it past the Senate over the weekend.

WATCH: Democrats CHEER AND CLAP LIKE SEALS After They Pass Bill to Raise Taxes on Middle Class, Raise Inflation, Crush Small Businesses During Biden’s Economic Recession

This bill will aid in the destruction of the economy.   It will push up inflation which is already at record highs while killing the energy sector in the name of the farcical ‘climate change’ mantra.  The US has gone from being the world leader in energy production and energy independence only two years ago to now being dependent on radical countries for our energy.  All this is due to radical Democrat policies.

By destroying the energy sector, Democrats are destroying small businesses and the middle class.  As energy becomes more expensive, companies go under.  They can no longer afford to stay in business.  This is an assault on hard-working Americans.  It’s “Atlas Shrugged” coming to fruition.

Adam Andrzejewski at Open The Books reported that the IRS spent $21.6 million on guns, ammunition, and military-style equipment between 2006 and 2019.  This was reported on by Tucker Carlson last week:

What’s going on with the IRS?  The new bill the Democrats in the Senate just passed (remind yourself that Senate races in Georgia and Michigan had very, very suspect results in 2020 and the GOP ignored this along with the 2020 Presidential Election steal) includes money for 87,000 more IRS agents.  These agents will be well armed.

Frank Gaffney reports that the real winner from this bill is China.

Congressional Democrats have cynically adopted a deceptively entitled “Inflation Reduction Act.” It would be more accurate to call it the “Help China Win Act.”

Americans will suffer and the Chinese Communist Party will benefit as independent economists say inflation will be undiminished – notably, devastating defense spending.

Moreover, the Act will advance the CCP’s agenda of destroying the United States by: moving us towards a police state by up gunning – literally – and weaponizing the IRS against Americans; reducing our energy security by further assaulting coal and increasing renewables’ supply-chain dependencies on China; and making massive new expenditures that undermine the dollar as the world’s reserve currency.

Great job Dems.  And even greater job GOP leaders.  You had the chance to stop this and you looked the other way.  Well done.

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