What’s Going On Here? Georgia Woman Seen Inserting HUGE Stack of 30+ Ballots into Georgia Dropbox

If you haven’t yet seen the incredible documentary by filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza titled 2000Mules yet, you are doing yourself an injustice as an American citizen.  And if you have seen it and haven’t shared it with those who believe “the Big Lie”, you’re doing them an injustice.

In this “Big Lie” shattering documentary using data from TrueTheVote (TTV), it was revealed that hundreds of thousands of votes were potentially harvested in the swing states investigated by TTV (GA, PA, MI, WI, AZ).  TTV bought cell phone data for the key swing states and began sifting through the anonymous “pings” to find individual patterns.  By tracking the device IDs using very conservative parameters,  TTV was able to determine there were thousands of mules accounting for hundreds of thousands of ballots in key swing states.

The parameters used in the 2000Mules documentary required that a unique ID visited a dropbox at least ten times and a non-governmental organization (NGO) at least once.  The theory is that the NGOs served as a means of supplying ballots to the mules, who then dispersed them throughout a jurisdiction by dropping off quantities throughout the county.

The Gateway Pundit has released several videos of individuals in swing states allegedly dispersing ballots in key swing states.  The individual pictured below appears to drop at least 30 ballots, perhaps more, in a single trip to a single drop box.

The Gateway Pundit cannot confirm if she is a mule or not.  But this looks suspicious.  Why is she dropping 30+ ballots into a drop box.

It should noted that the woman is wearing some sort of name tag.  What is her role in the process?

(if you get an “extension” error, give it a second to load)

This woman doesn’t look to be holding a single ballot in a single mail-in envelope.  She doesn’t even appear to be holding a “few,” as would be permissible under GA law (dropping off for family/household members is permissible).  She appears to be holding a ‘ream of paper’ sized stack, just like the kind you pick up from your local office supply store with 500+ sheets.  Perhaps she cast a vote for each of her cats, as well as her entire extended family, and her co-workers as well?

I was fortunate enough to interview Catherine Engelbrecht, founder of TrueTheVote, back in June and ask her about some of the “rebuttals” to 2000Mules.  She was more than willing to discuss the arguments made by the naysayers:

In this clip from the Behizy Hub podcast (full interview), Catherine discusses the GBI and their “100ft” perimeter claim in their dox letter.


It is worth mentioning that Gregg Phillips of TrueTheVote has also promised us something “10x’s bigger than the Mules” is coming.  When it is released, rest assured The Gateway Pundit will be covering it!

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