BREAKING: Middle-Aged Man Allegedly Threatens To SHOOT Female MI GOP Worker In Front of MIGOP Headquarters On Primary Election Day…WARNED: The “whole place is getting shot up!”

100 Percent Fed Up Exclusive – This morning, at approximately 9 AM ET, a white, overweight, middle-aged male wearing a red t-shirt and carrying a camera around his neck approached a female MI GOP worker and threatened her outside the MI GOP headquarters in Lansing.

Today is primary Election Day in Michigan. Yesterday, Michigan’s dishonest Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson turned up the heat in Michigan between political parties when she called for a last-minute press conference with a room full of “reporters” asking questions designed to call into question the motives behind Republican poll challengers and clerks who may report election irregularities or election fraud.

The divisive, partisan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson used her press conference to put poll challengers, city, township, and county clerks on notice that she would not tolerate their “shenanigans” in this election. She also warned that any efforts by members of boards of canvassers to refuse to certify the election results would be futile. Near the end of the clip from yesterday’s press conference, Benson can be heard calling anyone who calls the election results into question “un-American.”

According to an inside source, the man approached the MI GOP worker standing outside on the sidewalk in front of the MI GOP headquarters on Seymour Ave in Lansing, MI, and threatened to shoot her. According to our source,  the unidentified white male then warned her she “better get out of there” because “the whole place [MI GOP headquarters] is getting shot up!” The suspect was also reportedly taking photos of the young female worker and videotaping her during the confrontation.

The MI GOP worker, who is also a young mother, reported the incident to law enforcement, and the alleged crime is under investigation. According to our source, cameras are located outside the MIGOP building.

The MI GOP headquarters, where important Election Day Operations were taking place, have been temporarily moved for security purposes. There were approximately ten people inside the building when the alleged incident occurred.

Remember when President Trump was blamed for the violence on January 6th for speaking in a completely different area of Washington DC while protesters were already approaching the Capitol grounds?  Is it a stretch to ask if Democrat Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson is responsible for inciting violence against employees of the MI GOP with her rhetoric about “consequences” for anyone who disputes or disrupts the election process?

While Benson didn’t specifically mention GOP poll challengers or her GOP opponent Kristina Karamo (whose top priority is to fix Michigan’s broken elections), she did threaten “consequences” for anyone who doesn’t follow her new rules or for anyone violating election law. She also threatened members of boards of canvassers who refuse to certify the election results, saying that their actions “would be futile.” During yesterday’s press conference, one of the “reporters” specifically called out a GOP clerk in St. Clair County, MI. Benson responded by warning that voters will be the “gatekeepers” of the elections—whatever that means.


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