After Biden’s FBI Raid, IT Expert Provides Some Tips for President Trump to Protect Mar-a-Lago from FBI Monitoring

After their raid on President Trump’s home, the FBI has shown that they will do anything they want to Americans.  An IT expert shared with us some suggestions for President Trump to take after being stormed by the FBI. 

On Monday evening Americans were notified that President Trump’s house in Florida, Mar-a-Lago, was raided by Biden’s corrupt FBI.  This was the day that America changed.

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The FBI finally came out and shared its true colors.  No longer is the institution a fair and balanced law enforcement agency.  Now it is a political entity with guns that will raid your property and take what they want.

We knew the FBI was corrupted under Obama.  We saw the FBI’s response to ballots of cash going to Iran or Hillary’s emails.  We saw how they harassed and attempted a coup against President Trump’s administration.  We saw how they raided President Trump’s friends’ homes and how they put his allies in solitary confinement in an effort to obtain dishonest statements about the President.  Now we know they will do anything.  They will raid the President’s house with guns blazing.

When the FBI went to Maralago they reportedly asked the President’s employees at Mar-a-Lago to turn off its cameras.  One IT expert shared with us that if this is the case, or even if it wasn’t, then there are some things that could be done to protect Mar-a-Lago (MAL) in the future.

When the cameras where shutoff and then turned back on in MAL, this easily gave the FBI information needed to identify and document all technologies on this network. Specifically, when the cameras were turned back on, all of the IP addresses which are cameras would easily have been identified. Since the cameras were potentially the largest network segment of MAL, the FBI could by process of elimination document the cameras and then any other connections. That information could be used to identify all other network assets connected to MAL such as Computers, phones, printers, servers, and even access control system information. Given the risk of the FBI and others to have this information I have the following suggestions.

First, Please consider starting with the changing all passwords and IP address for cameras and recording systems. Considering this would be the most important due to safety concerns.

Since it was most likely that this data is what the FBI would have documented, it is also the most likely information they will leak to the public.

Also, with the IP information of the cameras you can easily find what types of cameras are on the network when they are reconnected. This would give the FBI the ability to potentially tap directly into each camera and document them. Changing the IP to a new vLAN network segmentation for the cameras is HIGHLY recommend as well.

Second, if any type of access control system is setup, please consider updating this next. Suggested changes include updating the external connection IP address with the service provider, and updating any internal IP address on the main access panels, and changing or swapping any assigned badges to personnel to start. Changing these will help ensure the FBI or others are not monitoring via logs from the network that could be traced.

Third, changing the IP addresses and VLANs associated with PCs, printers and phones would be recommended. This again would be easily identifiable information and not changing these items leaves the network vulnerable to Data leakage. I would also recommend renaming Computers, servers, and Printers to prevent name trace attempts.

Finally, as a reminder I would recommend updating any Wi-Fi passwords, ensure network encryption is sufficient and basic monitoring and firewall applications are updated.

While I am sure the best and brightest are working on this I just wanted to ensure that President Trump knew of this vulnerability. We love him and this country does not need any more bad actors raiding the President at this time.

Thank you and God Bless President Trump!!

And there you have it.

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