“That’s Why They’re So Afraid of Trump.  He Is Without Any Doubt the Most Charismatic American Politician Ever” – Rudy Giuliani on President Trump (VIDEO)

New York City’s greatest mayor and American patriot Rudy Giuliani was on with Steve Bannon today at the War Room.  They discussed contingent elections and the corruption in the 2020 Election. 

Bannon shared:

Trump put up last night that, hey, because of the Hunter situation, because of the FBI guy either getting fired or quitting because of Facebook saying the FBI told them to do it, that he won and he wants another election emediately.

I keep saying the Biden electors can’t get certified…We don’t need another national election, it’s called, and I keep trying to get this in people’s minds, it’s a contingent election…You’re not going to flip the Biden electors or Trump electors, you going to not be able to certify the Biden electors, and my not certifying the Biden electors the electoral count act of 1887 and our beloved Constitution have a way this is supposed to happen.

That is a contingent election in the House of Representatives where you vote by state party delegation and you get, guess what, even with Liz Cheney still voting for the Democrats, I think we still win 26 to 24.

So yes, we heartily believe what President Trump said cause we don’t think, we know that the Biden Election electors can’t be certified in Arizona, or Georgia, or the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, or Michigan or Wisconsin, those five states.  That get’s us below 270, that means you’ve got to have a contingent election. So let’s do it.  Let’s start the contingent election this week.  Let’s do it. That’s what we should do.  And MSNBC suck on that.

It’s not another national general election and it’s not flipping those electors for Trump.

Here is where the electoral college map is currently noting the five states noted by Bannon that can’t be certified.

Rudy shared at the 12 minute mark:

We’ve got to unite this party and that’s why Trump being the voice is so important.  And that’s why they want him out.  If Trump says something, they (fellow Republicans) might as well not said anything.  He becomes the voice for our movement.

If he says this guy is putting out phony information.  Everybody forgets their little friends and they go right to Trump and they say, ok what’s the phony information.  And that’s why they’re so afraid of Trump.  He is without any doubt the most charismatic American politician ever and the one who dominates the news by far more than anyone else.

See the entire video below.

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