It’s “World Ivermectin Day” – Here’s Advice From Frontline Doctors From Across the Nation On How to Stay Healthy Amid the Biowar

Frontline Doctors

Frontline doctors from across the nation commemorated the second annual “World Ivermectin Day” in an effort to promote the “miracle wonder drug” that they have used to save thousands of lives despite its ban in most hospitals nationwide.

In a 2 hour conference on Zoom, physicians, who have risked their careers to help save patients from being held hostage and getting killed by murderous CDC and NIH protocols in “hellspitals,” provide advice on how to strengthen immunity amid the ongoing COVID pandemic and testimony on how Ivermectin, a drug banned from hospitals and pharmacies, is the “cornerstone” of fending emerging variants as the war to depopulate perpetuates.

“We are here for the second annual Ivermectin Day,” said Dr. Ben Marble, primary care physician and founder of  MyFreeDoctor. “If I had to pick one drug that’s the most important it would be Ivermectin.”

After successfully treating nearly 300,000 COVID and COVID-vaccine injured patients with his team of doctors at MyFreeDoctor, “the science is settled,” Marble argued.

“We’ve passed 275,00 free doctor visits delivered to America delivering early drug multiple treatments, which of course includes Ivermectin as the cornerstone drug. We’ve only lost six patients. So, we have a multiple drug early treatment survival rate of 99.99 percent,” he said. “Multiple drug treatment with Ivermectin wins, period, hands down. Early treatment is how we save people. What does not win? What loses? The fake vaccine poison loses.”

Ivermectin “helps maintain Zinc in the cells,” protecting the body from dangerous the coronavirus’ dangerous spike protein, explained Dr. Bryan Ardis.

“I’ve used it in my own home with my own kids, with myself, with my spouse. For ten years we’ve taken it monthly preventatively for parasites,” he said. “It actually works to destroy the adult worms in the body. “We used it to prevent parasites being transferred from our pets to us. It helps to maintain Zinc reservoirs because the spike proteins that were actually tied to this weapon are the weapon.”

Joshua Larenczy, a patient of frontline doctor Dr. Jim Thorp, described how his brother died in the hospital after being provided Remdesivir and intubated:

 It started with my brother, 49 years old, Navy veteran in August 2021. He got sick and for about two and half weeks he was sick before they would accept him into the hospital in the emergency room. He got two negative tests from two different hospitals. He had two different ambulances, one at his work and the final one at his home, they took him to the hospital where they started their Remdesivir protocol in the emergency room.

Because of his age, I thought he would get out. Never even in the beginning considered that he would never get out of there. I just didn’t think it would happen that way. As it went along and they said he was going to go to the ICU and it was getting more serious, we were getting a lot of conflicting messages. One minute they would say one thing and we just couldn’t get a clear message on what was going on. He stayed in regular care for about a week, did two rounds of Remdesivir and then within a week they sent him to ICU and — again we started getting conflicting messages. They called us and said he was intubated. First, they told me I was the point of contact then I had to really understand what my responsibilities were because I was the power of attorney over him.

We came across Dr. Thorp, he was able to really be a guiding light in this situation, gave us knowledge, gave us direction and prescribed Zelenko’s protocol with Ivermectin. Then we found out very quickly that there’s a hostility to all these things. We came up against not only a brick wall, but we were not being treated with condescending speech, little communication –basically, ‘Go away.’ We were completely discredited from that point and everything was a battle from there. We started really noticing this wasn’t exclusive to us, but this was happening all over. There were people getting Ivermectin by court order. We found that out and started to look at the same lawyer in New York, Ralph Deriggio. He was one of the pioneers doing a lot of work to force hospitals to allow their loved ones to try to survive. We couldn’t even get them to give him Vitamin C or just the minimal.

They said if you can get the Ivermectin through  our pharmacy, we’ll administer it.

We tried to do that. We tried to get the prescriptions that Dr. Thorp was helping us get to my brother. But they weren’t going to allow any of that. We were told by the nurses and the doctors that if they don’t make the 15 days you are pretty much done. We were told that directly. When I was in there praying with my brother I was interrupted by the doctor that was seeing him that he thought I should sign an EMR. This kind of bedside manner persisted. To where it ultimately ended to me being escorted out of the hospital by two security guards because I was asking to be involved. I wasn’t mad, yelling or anything. I just demanded that I get some answers and I wanted to see what was going on. I was completely removed and not allowed to see my brother from this point on. None of it made any sense. The hardest thing is I never thought that type of evil existed until you start seeing it. You see these cowardly doctors that should be admired for their jobs, for what they put in to save lives. There’s a lot of sacrifice in that kind of life choice. But all that is washed away. Nobody wants to go to the hospital anymore. I know so many people that would rather sit at home and die than go to the hospital because of what they witnessed over these last two years. You guys are a very rare breed of people that will stand in the mix of what’s going on today and put your lives on the line. I’m just now coming out where I can even start to talk about what happened. It’s been very dramatic in my life to where you start to see the world completely different.



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