WATCH: Trump-Endorsed Kari Lake EXPOSES Pence-Endorsed Candidate Karrin Robson For Possibly Unreported Campaign Flights On Her Husband’s Private Jet

The Doug Ducey and Mike Pence-endorsed establishment pick for Arizona Governor, Karrin Taylor Robson, is coming under fire again for potentially illegal use of her husband’s private jet on campaign stops across the state.

Karrin Taylor Robson is running for Arizona Governor. The Gateway Pundit has reported on her shady record and her marriage with multi-millionaire Ed Robson.

She has also donated thousands of dollars to elect liberal Democrats up and down the ballot in Arizona.

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The Gateway Pundit recently reported that Robson was caught scamming elderly Americans for cash despite her already massive wealth.

Karrin’s fake, phony fundraising scheme misled senior citizens to believe they were supporting a cause like President Trump’s Truth Social app, but they were actually signing up for recurring donations to Robson’s gubernatorial campaign.

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It appears she has been caught again, this time taking illegal, unreported trips on her private jet to save her from short drives around the state for events.

Trump-Endorsed MAGA firebrand Kari Lake released the following video, exposing Robson’s unethical and possibly illegal behavior and calling on law enforcement to investigate this.

Lake: Imagine having the means to call in a private jet so you wouldn’t have to make a 15 or 20-minute drive, and then still deciding to dupe senior citizens out of their retirement money in a phony fundraising scheme. That’s my opponent. That’s the type of person we’re up against right now. New reports show that Karen Taylor Robson has routinely taken unreported private flights on her husband’s corporate jets. If her billionaire husband has given her a blank check to run for office, and she and her team are jet setting on private planes, why did Karrin Roberson need to trick Americans out of their hard-earned money? Karrin was busted for sending out predatory fundraising text messages, telling senior citizens that they were donating to build the wall or help President Trump get his social media platform up and running, when in fact these patriotic citizens, 1000s upon 1000s of them, had their bank accounts drained with monthly donations to Crooked Karrin, a woman none of them even know.

Law enforcement should look into her unethical, predatory financing scheme right away. Someone that unethical and cruel should never be allowed in any public office. Our grassroots populist movement rejects that kind of corrupt elitism in politics. Our donors are real. They’re hardworking Arizonans who want real solutions to our problems and a true Trump-Endorsed conservative, and that’s why we are poised for a landslide win. But we need your help. Get out and vote and take a friend. On August 2nd, We the People are voting to take back our government here in Arizona

Thankfully, Kari Lake is poised to win this election. The Gateway Pundit recently reported that Kari Lake is dominating in the polls, with the Primary Election just days away.

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The establishment is desperate to insert Robson in Arizona. Last Friday, Mike Pence held a dueling event with President Trump’s Save America rally in Arizona. Pence’s event was tiny compared to President Trump’s HUGE rally.

AZ Mirror reported that “According to Arizona law, an LLC cannot make a contribution to a candidate committee, said attorney Tom Ryan. The Robsons’ private jet is owned by an LLC, and Ryan contends that it runs afoul of the Arizona law.”

Karrin must be investigated for any law violations.

On August 2nd, Arizona has the choice between a corrupt elitist swamp creature and a Trump-Endorsed America First Warrior.

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