A LOVE STORY FOR THE AGES: Establishment AZ Republican Karrin Robson Married Her Multi-Millionaire Husband Who Is 34 Years Her Elder When He Was 86

The leading Republican Primary candidate for Arizona Governor is conservative maverick Kari Lake. She’s not afraid to push back against the fake news media or corrupt politicians. She’s also been endorsed by President Trump. Her opponent is Karrin Kunasek, who became Karrin Kunasek Taylor, and is now Karrin Taylor Robson. Karrin is 57 and was born Feb. 7th, 1965. She is married to Edward J. Robson who will be 92 in September, born in 1930.

Karrin explains she first met Ed Robson in 2014 when asking him for money, to host a gala. It appears they married in 2017, sometime before June. Oddly, no information is available online about this 2017 wedding to an Arizona billionaire developer. Not even the date they married is available. Since they first met, there’s less than a handful of pictures online showing the two together. A few other things jump out when you conduct a casual search for candidate Robson.

You notice The Arizona Republic, the radical left leaning newspaper, wrote a puff piece on Taylor Robson. Other TAR articles support her, but disparage Kari Lake. TAR endorses Democrats, despises Trump, disparaged the Arizona audit, and purposely hurts Republicans. Why is TAR providing Democrat type polite coverage on Robson? Also, her Wiki page is carefully crafted without disparaging comments. Wiki overwhelming uses negativity when describing conservatives, down to their last parking ticket. But not on Robson for some reason. When these outlets trash a candidate, this typically means they are reliable “America First” that have common sense.

Robson says she’s a “conservative outsider”. But the image below shows nothing could be farther from the truth. For those not familiar with Arizona politics, Robson’s $1,000 donation to AZ Democrat Ruben Gallego is the equivalent of Donald Trump Jr. donating to Adam Schiff.

Her donation document is here. Gallego recently tweeted that Robson not only donated to him, but she bundled money for him too! This is just nuts.

Her father, Carl Kunasek, was an Arizona politician for 17 years. He eventually became President of the AZ Senate. Her brother Andy Kunasek sat on the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors for 19 years. Although he retired in 2017, the culture he left behind resulted in that Boards unethical and irrational compliance to subpoena’s and election transparency. Andy also had run-ins with, and disliked America’s top conservative Sheriff, Joe Arpaio. We noticed TAR writes glowing articles about her brother Andy too, as if he were a Democrat.

Karrin Kunasek Taylor began her career as a land attorney with Biskind, Hunt & Taylor. She then became Executive Vice President of DMB Associates, a developer of large communities. While still in her 30’s, Robson was appointed to the Land Conservation Committee in 2003. Democrat Governor Janet Napolitano made these appointments right after she was sworn into office. She was building her team, and Kunasek Taylor was on it. When AG Brnovich won his election in 2013, he appointed Kunasek Taylor to his 4-person transition team. A land attorney in the AG office – make sense?

In 2017 Governor Doug Ducey appointed Robson to the Board of Regents. This very important Arizona body oversees the state’s public universities. Does this appointment make sense either – a land attorney overseeing complex higher education? Of course is doesn’t. But here’s the catch. Ducey and Robson knew each other from when they attended ASU together. This is just more insider horse-trading amongst the RINO elite. In 2018, Ducey also considered appointing Robson as the AZ Senator to complete the term when John McCain passed away.

The more you search, the more you realize Robson comes from the socialite and connected entitlement class. This is the lifestyle of the theatre, arts, gala’s, and some awards meant to feed ego’s of self importance. The saying “Birds of a feather, Flock together” could not more accurate here. Robson’s dozen other appointments include seats on a Policy Committee, Advisory Council, Advisory Board, Leaders Group, Advisory Committee, Board of Trustees, multiple Board of Directors, and so on. She’s aligned with the power brokers, land developers, and career politicians. Her loyalty will most certainly be with the people who provider her lifestyle, not the hard working “common folk”.

Let’s get back to Mr. Robson. This man has led a stellar life, a patriot who lived the American dream through hard work. After leaving college in Colorado he joined the US Marine Corps. He was allowed to play hockey for Squad USA in the mid 50’s, then selected for the US Olympic hockey team. He went on to finishing flight school and piloting Marine helicopters. He then worked for Del Webb building 55+ senior living communities. With the support of his first wife LaNelle, he started Robson Resort Communities. He went on to build over 30,000 homes. It’s truly sad that he lost LaNelle in 1985 in a boating accident. In 2017 Mr. Robson said “I think about her often. It took me a long time to recover.”

These master planned communities provide incredible lifestyles for the elderly. We should be thankful to Mr. Robson for those homes and his philanthropic activity too. However, Mr. Robson is not the one running for Governor, his younger wife is. He was roughly 87 years old when they married in 2017. Just 2 year later, Karrin was already talking plans to run for Governor. The role of Governor is high stress job. If you are sincere about the role, it consumes most of the waking hours and leaves little time for loved ones. Your family will sacrifice. This raises the question, why is Robson doing this, and why now?

Mr. Robson has several children from his first marriage. We expect the kids will keep an eye on Dad, and take care of his needs. That former Marine not only deserves it, he has certainly earned it! You have to ask yourself, what exactly is driving Karrin Taylor Robson to pursue the Governor’s seat? Are the RINO elite of Arizona allowing her a shot at the title because she now has access to nearly unlimited funds? Most sense she’s just trying to fake it until election day. Like John McCain, they expect she would flip and align with big government cronies, and Democrats.

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