Victim of Shooter Killed by the Police Confronts Anti-Cop Lunatics Protesting in Her Neighborhood (VIDEO)

A woman was shot at by a man and the police, who protected her, ultimately shot and killed the shooter.  She had no time for a group of radical left activists who were trying to make the police villains.

A woman in Minnesota was not having a group of far-left [communists] attempt to make the police actions wrong that saved her life.

Outkick reported on the confrontation:

An anti-cop protest in honor of Andrew ‘Tekle’ Sundberg, a Minneapolis man killed by police after engaging in a shootout on Thursday, was interrupted when the survivor of Sundberg’s shooting denounced the protestors for treating the gunman like a martyr.

The group of protestors rallied outside of the late Sundberg’s apartment on Saturday, claiming injustice through Sundberg’s death.

Twenty-four-year-old mother of two, Arabella Foss-Yarbrough, was reportedly threatened by Sundberg and shot at, twice, while she was in her apartment on Wednesday night.

Cops were called to the scene and helped Foss-Yarbrough, and her two- and -four-year-old sons, escape; then engaging with the gunman.

Sundberg shot at the police and was killed in the confrontation.

After watching the George Floyd-like protest appear, Foss-Yarbrough angrily confronted the protestors — captured on video — and pleaded with them not to hail Sundberg and condemn the police for a confrontation that saved her and her children.

The video of the woman confronting the group is below:


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