OUTRAGEOUS: Dr. Simone Gold Checks Into Prison for 60 Days for Trespassing Misdemeanor on Jan 6

Dr. Simone Gold has checked herself into prison after being charged with 60 days for a trespassing misdemeanor.  

Dr. Simone Gold is one of many American doctors who courageously stood up and called Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx’s lockdowns and mandates crazy.  These doctors knew that masks and experimental vaccines were not logical steps in combatting the China coronavirus COVID19.

Dr. Gold took her work to DC after the 2020 Election and used her God-given right to protest on Jan 6 at the Capitol.  She was welcomed into the Capitol by Capitol police and she protested the government’s actions related to COVID.

A short time later, Dr. Gold’s house was surrounded by 20 or more FBI agents coming for her arrest.

“There Were Literally 20 Guys with Guns Blazing – They Broke Down My Door” – Dr. Simone Gold Reveals Chris Wray’s FBI Henchmen Storming Her Home

She eventually pled guilty to misdemeanor trespassing after seeing it was too expensive to take on the government by herself.

CDC Critic and America’s Frontline Doctors Founder Dr. Simone Gold Pleads Guilty for Speaking with a Megaphone Inside US Capitol in Jan 6 Case

This week Dr. Gold went peacefully into prison for a 60-day prison sentence for her misdemeanor.  The judge, in this case, should be ashamed of himself.  BLM and Antifa go free after murdering more than 20 people and more than one billion dollars in damages across the country and Doctor Gold goes to prison?

America’s Front Line Doctors shared this week:

An Eagle Is Caged: AFLDS Founder Dr. Simone Gold Surrenders to Serve Sentence 

Miami, FL – July 26, 2022

The fearless founder of AFLDS, Dr. Simone Gold, has been sentenced to 60 days in prison. It is shocking to learn that any Judge in the United States of America would sentence any person to any prison time for misdemeanor trespass. We’ve never heard of such a thing. That we live in a two-tiered system of justice: exonerating, acquitting, failing to charge, dropping charges, or giving trivial sentences to persons of one political class while locking up persons of another political class – is indisputable. Steve Colbert crew? Charges dropped. Ilhan Omar just arrested? Watch those charges get dropped. Night of Rage? Outside Brett Kavanaugh’s home? Antifa? BLM? Not arrested, not charged, or charges dropped.

Today, Dr. Gold has surrendered herself to the government and will spend the next 60 days of her life locked inside of a cell for exercising her right to free speech inside of the Capitol building, which she was let into with open doors. Dr. Gold is valiantly standing in front of the medical freedom movement for We The People. While most of us cannot fathom what it would be like to be stripped of daily luxuries and jailed for a first-time, misdemeanor offense, this is Dr. Gold’s reality due to selective prosecution. Dr. Gold has vowed to come out the other side of her imprisonment an even more fierce warrior for our freedom.

America is upside down with good and courageous people like Dr. Simone in prison and violent criminals being set free in US cities. 

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