NPR Asking Parents What Age They Start Talking to Children About Abortion

NPR is asking parents what age they begin speaking to their children about abortion and what they tell them.

In a tweet that was clearly fishing for specific answers to be used in a story, NPR said, “following the Supreme Court’s ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade, we want to hear from parents about how you talk to kids about abortion.”

“Where do you start? What do you say when they see it in the news? At what age do you begin the conversation?” the tweet continued.

The tweet linked to a form asking people to provide their contact information and answers to the questions.

“All Things Considered and Life Kit are teaming up with experts to answer these questions — and more — and we want to hear your perspective, too,” the link said.

The tweet was bombarded with pro-life parents explaining that they teach their children that a person is a person — no matter how small.

Conservative news outlet Twitchy noted, “NPR doesn’t really want to hear from you. They need one quote from a parent, and the rest of the article will be drawn from interviews with ‘experts’ on teaching children about abortion.”


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