For Months Now Key Individuals Involved in the 2020 Election in Wisconsin Still Refuse to Meet with Judge Gableman – What Are They Hiding?

While individuals close to President Trump are indicted by the Jan 6 committee on false charges, election officials in Wisconsin refuse to comply with a judge’s subpoena related to the stolen 2020 Election in that state and face no consequences. 

Former Wisconsin Supreme Court Judge Michael Gableman requested information from election operatives across the state.  Eventually, Judge Gableman had to issue subpoenas to meet with them, but to date, his subpoenas have been ignored.  Election officials targeted are ignoring his efforts to get to the truth in the 2020 Election.  Why would they do this if they were innocent?

Judge Gableman subpoenaed election workers in places like Milwaukee.  He wanted to simply ask them questions related to the 2020 Election in Wisconsin but they wouldn’t meet with him.

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In January TGP reported that Judge Gableman filed suit to get the mayors of specific cities to sit down and discuss the 2020 Election as well but they refused.  Gableman had to file a suit to get them to sit down.

Wisconsin Elections Investigator Gableman Files Suit to Jail Democratic Green Bay and Madison Mayors Until They Sit for Deposition

Unfortunately, these individuals to this day refuse to sit down with Gableman.  Far-left Wisconsin public radio shares:

While Gableman and Vos have accused Democrats of using the courts to impede the election investigation, Gableman’s office filed one of the most potentially consequential lawsuits. That case, filed in Waukesha County, asks a judge to jail mayors and election officials if they don’t comply with subpoenas directing them to sit for private interviews. There’s no hearing scheduled in the case until Aug. 30.

Gableman’s big subpoena case against the mayors of Madison, Green Bay, and Racine, as well as Democratic Elections Commissioner Ann Jacobs and several election workers, is still open.

Nearly a year later and key individuals related to activities in the 2020 Election still won’t meet with Judge Gableman and discuss their activities in the 2020 Election.  What are they hiding?  When will they be brought to justice?

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