You Know It Is Getting Bad for Ukraine When PBS Disputes the Propaganda

Fortunately, I was sitting down when I saw the following video. I had an easier fall to the floor from the sitting position than if I had been standing upright. This is a genuine stunner. A reporter for the PUBLIC BROADCAST SYSTEM– let me repeat that, a PBS reporter on the ground in Ukraine and reporting from the Ukraine side of the fighting–blows up the Ukrainian propaganda that Russia was shelling civilian targets during the sustained bombardments. This is akin to Rachel Maddow admitting the Joe Biden is the Big Guy and on the take from the Chinese. Whoops!

The PBS Newshour (formerly as McNeil/Lehrer back in the old days) is the bastion of Deep State propaganda. As the catechism is to Catholics, the PBS Newshour is to Democrats. So what happened in Ukraine that has caused this shill of the Deep State to do real journalism? The reporter debunks the Ukrainian claim that Russia hit a civilian apartment building. He notes the smell of dead bodies and cites a source stating that the bodies pulled out of this smoldering rubble were soldiers. As he trashes the Ukraine claim he shows video of military shoes, uniforms and decals scattered in the piles of stone and twisted iron.

Take a look:

This is NOT Russian propaganda. This is a certified member of the Mainstream Media. He is Deep State approved. And he decides that now is a good time to expose a lie by Ukrainian authorities? This is not an accident. I see it as a signal that the Washington establishment’s enthusiasm for this war and their optimism that Ukraine will prevail is slipping. Remember, PBS depends almost entirely on funding from Uncle Joe Biden, Cousin Chuck Schumer and Aunt Nancy Pelosi. (At this point I must insert Sly and the Family Stone’s super tune, “It is a Family Affair.)

I know I am criticized in some sectors as being a mouthpiece for Putin. Those who believe that would you help me out? Get in touch with Mr. Putin and let him know I am not getting paid. If I am going to be a mouthpiece for someone I damn skippy want to get paid.

Here is the alternative. I do not believe one thing that Joe Biden and his corrupt National Security team have to say about anything. Not one. He is beholden to China (fully bought and paid for). Biden wants the American taxpayer to spend billions enabling a proxy to fight Russia while murder rates in America’s biggest cities soar and our southern border is wide open to a veritable Tsunami of illegal aliens and illegal narcotics that are killing Americans. If you are mad at me for saying to Biden, Let’s Go Brandon, then I can only assume you side with the Biden crime family.


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