Jill Biden’s Approval Rating Drops Just Like Joe’s

Maybe it was comparing Hispanics to tacos.  Maybe it was how embarrassing she was on the world stage.  Maybe it is fatigue from watching her as Joe’s handler trying to keep him from wandering off or rambling incoherently.  There are certainly a myriad of reasons why Jill Biden’s approval rating has dropped 24 points in one year, according to a conducted by SSRS for CNN.

Newsmax reported:

The poll tracked Jill Biden in 2020, 2021 and 2022, receiving favorability ratings of 46%, 58% and 34%, respectively, in polls those years.

The numbers track with those of her husband, who has also seen his approval rating drop from 59% when he took office in January 2021 to 36% in the most recent CNN/SSRS poll, released Monday.

Falling poll numbers are a common theme with the Biden Administration as Joe and Kamala  continue to watch their own approval numbers plummet.

At a Nantucket fundraiser recently, Mrs. Biden whined to donors that the administration has been repeatedly blindsided by events that have derailed not only Joe’s plans for his presidency but also her plans for her time as First Lady.  She did not, however, address the many unforced errors of this administration.


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