EXCLUSIVE: Radical Far-Left Group (EIP) Created Partnership with Government and Social Media to Censor and Ban Any 2020 Election Reporting – The Gateway Pundit Was Top Target

A group of far-left anti-free speech zealots created a partnership with the government and social media before the 2020 Election to combat any election-related reporting on the stolen 2020 Election. 

This nefarious partnership targeted the excellent and factual reporting from The Gateway Pundit, the organization’s top target. 

The Gateway Pundit currently has a lawsuit against the Biden regime’s conspiring with Big Tech to censor conservative outlets.  Whistleblower documents support our case.  And now we can add this evidence to our complaint.

UPDATE: Explosive Whistleblower Documents Support Missouri AG and Gateway Pundit’s Lawsuit Against Biden Regime’s Conspiring with Big Tech to Censor Free Speech

A partnership of far-left zealots from government, Big Tech, and leftist organizations who claim exclusive ownership of the ‘truth’ was set up in 2020 to attack any reporting that the 2020 Election was stolen.

The first paragraph on the group’s website shares lies and far-left fantasies that prove the group’s bias, dishonesty, and shameful efforts at covering up the 2020 Election steal.  The group writes:

On January 6, 2021, an armed mob stormed the US Capitol to prevent the certification of what they claimed was a “fraudulent election.” Many Americans were shocked, but they needn’t have been. The January 6 insurrection was the culmination of months of online mis- and disinformation directed toward eroding American faith in the 2020 election.

This paragraph indicts the group more than supports its purpose of combatting disinformation.  Not surprisingly, these leftists still don’t even realize it.

For one, there was no “armed mob” on Jan 6.

The only individuals that have been identified with guns other than the Feds and law enforcement at the Capitol that day were Antifa members and alleged Fed operative- “Ginger Gun.”  This armed protester was never arrested and like Ray Epps was dropped from FBI most wanted list.

Ignored by Liz Cheney at the Jan. 6 Show Trial: Antifa Members Caught with Gun and Released on Jan.6 — Undercover Fed Operative Pictured with Gun but Never Arrested, And Dropped from Most-Wanted List

Secondly,  the EIP’s assumption that Americans attended Jan 6 due to “the culmination of months of online mis- and disinformation directed toward eroding American faith in the 2020 election” embeds piles of assumptions.

The EIP could only have come to that conclusion through utter ignorance and bias.  What this group doesn’t seem to consider is that perhaps Americans were protesting because the 2020 Election was stolen based on mountains of evidence?  Just maybe?

The Election Integrity Partnership was formed in late 2020.  It was initially funded by the government (CISA) and Stanford University to address any expected complaints in the upcoming election.  A report created by the EIP shared damning information on this group.

The initial idea for the Partnership came from four students that the Stanford Internet Observatory (SIO) funded to complete volunteer internships at the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) at the Department of Homeland Security. Responsibility for election information security is divided across government offices: CISA has authority to coordinate on cybersecurity issues related to the election, the FBI to investigate cyber incidents and enforce election laws, and intelligence agencies to monitor for foreign interference. Yet, no government agency in the United States has the explicit mandate to monitor and correct election mis- and disinformation. This is especially true for election disinformation that originates from within the United States, which would likely be excluded from law enforcement action under the First Amendment and not appropriate for study by intelligence agencies restricted from operating inside the United States. As a result, during the 2020 election, local and state election officials, who had a strong partner on election-system and overall cybersecurity efforts in CISA, were without a clearinghouse for assessing mis- and disinformation targeting their voting operations. The students approached SIO leadership in the early summer, and, in consultation with CISA and other stakeholders, a coalition was assembled with like-minded partner institutions.

The Election Integrity Partnership (EIP) was officially formed on July 26, 2020—100 days before the November election—as a coalition of research entities who would focus on supporting real-time information exchange between the research community, election officials, government agencies, civil society organizations, and social media platforms.

The group released a report after the election that shared the group’s underhanded activities before, during and after the 2020 Election.  The group started as a partnership.  This partnership was between the Atlantic Council, two Pac 10 Universities, and a firm by the name of Graphika.

TGP has written about the Atlantic Council at length.  This gang was connected to the Trump-Russia lie and had deep roots in Ukraine.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Obama’s Assistant Defense Secretary, Evelyn Farkas, Pictured in Ukraine in Burisma Outfit with Shady Atlantic Council

The Atlantic Council has ties to the first illegitimate impeachment of President Trump.  This group did all it could to remove President Trump from office and this EIP project was just another effort.

Schifty Schiff’s Whistleblower Narrative Is Like the Steele Dossier Sequel – Involves Soros, Crowdstrike, Buzzfeed and Atlantic Council Related Connections

Graphika is a less known entity that claims to use AI to study and chart relationships.  Stanford and Washington Universities were involved to provide radical leftists to support the anti-MAGA movement.  These kids don’t even know they were working for the destruction of the greatest country on earth.

The EIP had three main goals: 1) Identify misinformation (based on radical left ideals) before it goes viral, 2) share counter-messaging (create BS using assumptions and outright falsehoods), and 3) increase transparency on what happened in the 2020 Election (code words for cover everything up).

This group knew they had to ‘increase transparency in the 2020 Election in July 2020 months before the election.  Hmmm

The group put together a chart of its operations that included the government, civil society, Big Media and Big Tech.  These bodies were used to push far-left narratives to the public.

Big Tech and the media were major stockholders working with the group.

The EIP shared the following statistics.  They admitted to processing 639 in-scope tickets. 72% of these tickets were related to delegitimizing the election results.  Also, Twitter, Google, Facebook, and TikTok all had a 75% or higher response rate to tickets they were tagged in.

Big Tech was in on it big time. 

The report from the group goes on to claim that The Gateway Pundit was its main target along with Patriots.win.

The top misinformation spreading websites in our dataset were the far-right forum thedonald.win, moved from the banned subreddit “r/The_Donald,” and thegatewaypundit.com, a far-right news website. 65% of these tickets involved an exaggeration of the impact of an issue within the election process.

This is because most other publications either ignored, cowered, or were coerced into ignoring the election steal.

TGP takes this as a badge of courage and an honor.  Thank you for supporting TGP and the truth. 


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