Dozens Of Decomposing Bodies Found In Indiana Funeral Home

Dozens of decomposed bodies were discovered after locals alerted police to a foul smell coming from an Indiana funeral home where some of the deceased had been stacking up for months.

Police in Jeffersonville conducted a morbid search on Friday at Lankford Funeral Home, where they found 31 rotting bodies along with the cremated remains of at least 16 other people. 

“Some were in the advanced stages of decomposition,” said Maj. Isaac Parker, the Louisville Courier-Journal reported.

Jeffersonville police say some bodies have been in the funeral home since March and were in the advanced stages of decomposition. The smell from the building was so bad that someone called the police, which started the investigation.

An air conditioning unit at the funeral home on Middle Road stopped working, which is believed to have enhanced the smell of the decomposing bodies. 

Police say they’ve been in contact with Lankford and are still investigating if criminal charges will be filed. 

The remains have been sent to the Clark County Health Department so that their identities can be confirmed and their families can be notified.

“We understand that this is going to be a situation where we’re really going to need the assistance of these families,” Parker noted. 

“I’m sorry that they’ve already suffered a loss, and now they’re dealing with this situation. We ask anybody that has information to please reach out to us.”

Parker told local media that the Jeffersonville Police would be further investigating and provide more details once they had processed the remains and notified the families. 


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