BREAKING: DOJ Working on Hunter Biden Plea Deal Despite Millions from China, Russia, Ukraine, etc. When His Dad was Obama’s VP — While Jan 6 Protesters Rot in DC Gulag

The DOJ is reportedly working on a plea deal with Hunter Biden.  This indicates that many crimes related to trafficking drugs and women and extorting and taking bribes in the millions from foreign entities while his dad was Obama’s VP will go unindicted. 

The New York Post reports on Hunter’s reported plea deal.

Reports that federal prosecutors are on the verge of wrapping up the Hunter Biden investigation suggest that a “generous” plea deal for the first son is in the works, a former Justice Department official said Thursday.

Lawyer Jim Trusty and other legal experts also discounted the notion that officials may be concerned about bringing charges because of the looming midterm elections, in which Democratic control of the House and Senate are both at stake.

Fox News and CNN reported Wednesday that the Delaware grand jury probe of Hunter Biden was at or near a “critical” stage, with sources telling CNN that officials recently discussed potential tax charges and a potential charge for making a false statement in connection with a handgun purchase.

Previous reports have said the investigation also involved suspicions of money laundering and violations of federal lobbying laws tied to Hunter Biden’s controversial overseas business dealings.

The Daily Mail also reported on the DOJ’s expected actions with Hunter:

As Federal prosecutors wrap up their investigation into Hunter Biden, a former Department of Justice official believes the president’s son has landed a ‘generous’ plea deal to only admit minor charges.

Lawyer Jim Trusty, former chief of the DOJ’s Organized Crime Section, said reports that the investigation is coming to an end suggests that Hunter will be hit with minor tax charges and for making false statements when purchasing a handgun in 2018.

He believed it was unlikely that Biden would face any charges involving the investigation into alleged money laundering and violation of lobbying laws that claimed Biden used his father for controversial business dealings overseas.

Hunter took millions from entities in Ukraine and China while his father was Obama’s VP.  This apparently is going unnoticed.  There is evidence Hunter made millions in Ukraine.  The hotbed for DC corruption.

HUGE! EXCLUSIVE BOMBSHELL: Documents Released by Ukrainian General Prosecutor’s Office Reveal MILLIONS Funneled to Hunter Biden and the John Kerry Family

Rudy Giuliani was all over the Biden family grift.  This is why they are after Rudy and so desperately trying to understand what he knows about the corrupt Biden family.

Rudy Giuliani DROPS BOMB on Biden Crime Family — Accuses Joe Biden and “Drug Addict” Son Hunter of Extortion and Bribery in the Millions! (VIDEO)

The list of Biden crimes goes on and on and the corrupt DOJ lets them go while keeping innocent Americans in their DC gulag for protesting the Bidens stealing the 2020 Election.   This is tyranny.


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