Angry Democrat Tim Ryan, Running in Ohio Senate Race, Won’t Join Joe Biden in Ohio Today

Even nasty angry Democrats can’t stand being around Joe Biden.  Tim Ryan, who’s running for US Senate in Ohio is hiding out from Joe Biden’s visit in Ohio today after being Biden’s cheerleader in 2020. 

Tim Ryan seems to always be angry whenever you see him in interviews on the mainstream media.  Ryan is now running for US Senate.

Joe Biden is going to Ohio today.  You’d think it would be a great idea to get some pics with the leader of the free world but not Joe Biden.  Biden’s numbers are so far in the tank that angry Ryan is staying away.  The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Rep. Tim Ryan, Ohio’s Democratic Senate nominee, won’t attend Biden’s scheduled speech in Cleveland, his campaign told the Washington Free Beacon. Biden plans to use the speech to go on the offensive and deliver remarks on his “economic agenda” and plans for “building an economy from the bottom up and the middle out,” according to the White House. It’s Biden’s second visit to the city this year, as he tries to win back support from Rust Belt voters.

Ryan’s campaign said he will instead be campaigning in the southeast part of the state. Ryan is running against Republican J.D. Vance for the open seat held by the retiring Sen. Rob Portman (R.).

Democrats around the country who face tough elections in November are trying to distance themselves from the president. Ryan is attempting to portray himself as a moderate in a state that former Republican president Donald Trump won in 2020 by more than 8 points. The move is a bold one considering Ryan’s record of voting 100 percent of the time with Biden’s position.

The strategy is already facing headwinds. As Biden finds himself with the worst presidential poll numbers in nearly 100 years, he is desperate to convince voters who are paying all-time-high gas and grocery prices that the economy is stable.

When Biden travels the country and gives speeches in swing states such as Ohio, his fellow Democrats view him more as an albatross than an asset. Already, Democrats have spent as much time attacking their own party as attacking their Republican opponents. From Mandela Barnes (D., Wis.) calling the Senate an “out-of-touch millionaire’s club” to Catherine Cortez Masto (D., Nev.) saying she’s running against “dysfunction in Washington,” Democrats want voters to forget who has controlled Congress for the last two years.

Ryan is no exception. In ad buys throughout the state, Ryan does not mention his votes on such controversial bills as the $2 trillion American Rescue Plan, which many economists blame for contributing to skyrocketing inflation. In a new ad called “Neighborhood,” Ryan calls for tax cuts and does not use the word “Democrat” a single time.

“I don’t answer to any political party,” he says. “I answer to the folks I grew up with and the families like yours all across Ohio.”

Ryan is very dishonest which apparently leads to his anger problems.  He was a Biden supporter but now he doesn’t want to have anything to do with Biden.

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