WATCH: Canada Makes 3 Jabs The New ‘Fully Vaccinated’ Standard, Saying ‘Two Doses Doesn’t Work Anymore’

On Wednesday, Canada moved the needle for the concept of being “fully vaccinated” for its citizens, saying “two doses don’t work anymore,” and now requires three doses of the COVID-19 vaccine to qualify. 

The regime is still pushing their mandates and control of the people.

The nation’s health authorities took to Canada’s CTV to make the announcement. They noted there is now a transition to a new definition of up-to-date on vaccinations. 

The news stated that this update will determine what is “expected of all Canadians.”

However, as of Tuesday, Canada’s leadership also announced that the vaccine mandates for the nation for federal employees and travel would be lifted. 

The news comes after a recommendation from the Ministry of Health released in early May, suggesting the third dose of the vaccine to “fully protect” from transmission and infection. 

The change follows an announcement this week that the vaccinated and boosted Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has, yet again, tested positive for COVID-19. This is the second time in 2022 that the Prime Minister has contracted the virus. 

Trudeau has tweeted, “I’ll be following public health guidelines and isolating. I feel okay, but that’s because I got my shots. So, if you haven’t, get vaccinated — and if you can, get boosted. Let’s protect our healthcare system, each other, and ourselves.”



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