Seattle’s Autonomous Zone Has Its First Warlord; Local Rapper Raz Simone Takes Over

Photo by CHAZ City 206, WikiCommons,

The nation of CHAZ (Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone) in what used to be Seattle was set up by antifa earlier this week.

CHAZ has its first self declared dictator/warlord. Seattle based rapper Raz Simone evidently deputized himself and his crew, and they are patrolling the streets, regulating any unauthorized activity in the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.

They’ve already started assaulting people who are engaging in unauthorized activity:

Note that they even announce themselves as “the police of the community now”

The comments are on fire:

Evidently Simone was involved with the planning of CHAZ:


Here’s Simone directing the armed revolutionaries to guard the borders:

And we’re already seeing the party degenerate into absolute chaos, as apparently Simone is a misogynist:

So basically they’ve declared themselves to be the authority, and they operate with impunity, as they go around assaulting whomever they deem to be breaking laws that don’t exist.


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