How Overturning Roe Has Exposed Lies, Ignorance and the Manipulation of You

The nation erupted in cries of joy and tears of frustration on Friday when the ruling from Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito was delivered, overturning the 1972 Roe V Wade ruling on abortion. 

In his opinion, Alito highlighted many rights and freedoms expressly given to the American people. He also pointed out that the Court was returning the power to the people to influence the future. 

But, Friday’s news revealed a deeper issue in America. It highlighted the presence of pure ignorance and the absence of personal responsibility. The headlines, statements, social media posts, protests, and broadcasts highlighted a problem infecting the nation faster than the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

Democrats, celebrities, and the mainstream media have led the way as they continue to decry the ruling, calling it a revocation of the Constitutional rights of the American people. Many claim Alito’s ruling diminishes such rights and freedoms. 

Former Disney Child Star Selena Gomez amplified this narrative on Friday, posting on Twitter that she felt rights were being removed. 

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also shared this misinformation when she said, “American women today have less freedom than their mothers.”

If you read the opinion issued by the Court, those claims can be refuted and clarified as an act of empowering the American people, despite claims from President Biden and others.

Alito said, “Roe was on a collision course with the Constitution from the day it was decided, Casey perpetuated its errors, and those errors do not concern some arcane corner of the law of little importance to the American people. Rather, wielding nothing but “raw judicial power,”… the Court usurped the power to address a question of profound moral and social importance that the Constitution unequivocally leaves for the people.” 

It was his way of pointing out that the Court was not the arbiter of access to life-altering decisions such as abortion, nor the body to determine the right to oversee such choices. The Court decided to return the right of people to govern such things within their state of residence, powered by the impact of their votes. 

Alito clarified this by saying, “It is time to heed the Constitution and return the issue of abortion to the people’s elected representatives.”

Alito goes on to clarify that in returning to the basis of the Constitution if the Court is to uphold the right of abortion, it then forces a specific theory on the question, what is life? 

“Our opinion is not based on any view about if and when prenatal life is entitled to any of the rights enjoyed after birth. The dissent, by contrast, would impose on the people a particular theory about when the rights of personhood begin. According to the dissent, the Constitution requires the States to regard a fetus as lacking even the most basic human right—to live—at least until an arbitrary point in a pregnancy has passed. Nothing in the Constitution or in our Nation’s legal traditions authorizes the Court to adopt that ‘theory of life,'” Alito stated.

He noted that neither the Constitution nor any legal tradition allows the Supreme Court to adopt a “theory of life” which would constitute the exact moment a fetus is declared a person. In essence, the Court does not want to be tasked to hold to a moral position that requires them to determine if a specific life does or does not have value. 

Alito clearly stated throughout his opinion that the “theory of life,” or the decision of when a life becomes viable and eligible for rights, is not defined nor supported in the U.S. Constitution. 

“We therefore hold that the Constitution does not confer a right to abortion. Roe and Casey must be overruled, and the authority to regulate abortion must be returned to the people and their elected representatives.”

Despite Alito’s clear and defined details, the government and the media continue to push a narrative that says that abortion is a “constitutional right.”

On Friday, President Biden made the false claim while addressing the nation, spreading misinformation and stoking heavy emotional responses from Americans. 

Others claim that this ruling is nothing more than a gateway to end access to contraception, same-sex marriage, and other rights. While there is never a guarantee that those rights would not face opposition in the Court, Alito addresses these concerns directly. 

Robert Reich, a professor at Berkely, amplified those claims that the removal of other rights will directly follow this ruling. 

Alito refutes this directly within his written opinion. 

Alito writes, “Finally, the dissent suggests that our decision calls into question Griswold, Eisenstadt, Lawrence, and Obergefell. But we have stated unequivocally that ‘[n]othing in this opinion should be understood to cast doubt on precedents that do not concern abortion.’ We have also explained why that is so: rights regarding contraception and same-sex relationships are inherently different from the right to abortion because the latter (as we have stressed) uniquely involves what Roe and Casey termed ‘potential life.'”

He clarifies that the ruling that overturned Roe V Wade was based upon the term potential life. Alito makes clear again that the Court is not willing to accept a position as a demigod responsible for adjudicating what constitutes the beginning of life. 

Others claim that Court’s ruling removes power from women, demeaning their value and authority over their bodies. California Congressman Eric Swalwell tried to allude that the ruling set women’s rights back 50 years!

Congressman Adam Schiff said, “The Court’s decision to overturn Roe endangers women everywhere, by taking away their right to make their own health care choices.”

Nothing could be further from the truth. 

Alito writes, “Our decision returns the issue of abortion to those legislative bodies, and it allows women on both sides of the abortion issue to seek to affect the legislative process by influencing public opinion, lobbying legislators, voting, and running for office. Women are not without electoral or political power. It is noteworthy that the percentage of women who register to vote and cast ballots is consistently higher than the percentage of men who do so.”

Throughout the entire opinion of Roe, Alito is clear that his intent, along with the other Justices, is to return the power to the citizens of the United States. He is returning the Constitutional right to vote, lobby, and legislate at the state level. 

The delivery of this ruling and the public response have exposed a problem with most Americans. That problem is evident at every level, from the government to the media, with celebrities and the general public. There is general laziness that pervades Americans. Very few have been willing to read the ruling or the rulings that this decision affects.  

The lack of moral foundations, and a missing sense of honor for others, have empowered those in Washington, on television, and in leadership to take advantage of the people. They can create headlines, publish ideas and spark a national debate that is a departure from the truth and far from being anchored in facts. Sadly, the American people have allowed them to abuse that weakness in order to remain in power. 

This ruling is not a reduction of rights and freedoms; it is an empowerment of the people and a return to the Constitutional foundation on which this nation was built. 


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