FBI Raids Three Churches in Texas and Georgia

Federal agents raided three churches, one in Texas and two in Georgia, on Thursday.

All of the churches are near military bases and have been accused of being cults.

In Texas, federal agents raided the Assembly of Prayer Christian Church in Killeen.

“I can confirm the FBI was executing court authorized law enforcement activity today in the vicinity of the intersection of Massey St. and E. Rancier Ave., in Killeen, Texas. No additional information will be released at this time,” FBI Special Agent Carmen Portillo said in a statement to local station KWTX.

While the feds would not answer to whether or not the raid in Texas was related to the others, they have confirmed that the two raids in Georgia are connected.

According to a report from The Killeen Daily Herald, “Dozens of Google and Facebook reviews of the Killeen church refer to it as a ‘cult’ with a habit of recruiting Fort Hood soldiers.”

In Georgia, agents raided The House of Prayer Church in Hinesville and the Assembly of Prayer Church near Augusta.

According to a tweet from WTOC reporter Hayley Boland who was at the House of Prayer Church shortly after the incident began, “the FBI was conducting an authorized search warrant at the church this morning. They’re still there as of 1:45 p.m. FBI officials also say they won’t be making any arrests today, but that could change as the investigation continues.”

Fort Stewart is also in Hinesville.

In 2017, former members of the House of Prayer protested outside and demanded that it is a cult.

“The concern is that he has made us merchandise. It’s no longer a church. It’s just a fraudulent, money-making empire. It used to be a church,” former church member Jenessa Wright told WTOC.

The Assembly of Prayer Church has been accused by former members of being a cult and, more specifically, targeting military members to join. It is near Fort Gordon.

While the reason for the raids remains unclear, local media appears to be heavily speculating that it has to do with activities involving the bases.


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