CDC Issues New Emergency Guidance on Monkeypox

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued new emergency guidance on monkeypox this week about how to identify the virus.

The US now has 72 reported cases of monkeypox in at least 18 states, NBC reported.

The CDC released new guidance on Tuesday about how to identify the virus based on symptoms.

“Descriptions of classic monkeypox disease describe a prodrome including fever, lymphadenopathy, headache, and muscle aches followed by development of a characteristic rash culminating in firm, deep-seated, well-circumscribed and sometimes umbilicated lesions. The rash usually starts on the face or in the oral cavity and progresses through several synchronized stages on each affected area and concentrates on the face and extremities, including lesions on the palms and soles.” the CDC said in its guidance.

“Thus far in the U.S. outbreak, all patients diagnosed with monkeypox in the United States have experienced a rash or enanthem. Although the characteristic firm, deep-seated, well-circumscribed and sometimes umbilicated rash has been observed, the rash has often begun in mucosal areas (e.g., genital, perianal, oral mucosa) and in some patients, the lesions have been scattered or localized to a specific body site rather than diffuse and have not involved the face or extremities. In some instances, patients have presented with symptoms such as anorectal pain, tenesmus, and rectal bleeding which upon physical examination, have been found to be associated with visible perianal vesicular, pustular, or ulcerative skin lesions and proctitis. The lesions have sometimes been in different stages of progression on a specific anatomic site (e.g., vesicles and pustules existing side-by-side), In addition, prodromal symptoms including fever, malaise, headache, and lymphadenopathy have not always occurred before the rash if they have occurred at all.” the CDC said.

The CDC last Tuesday removed the mask guidance from its monkeypox travel notice less than one week after they initiated the policy.

The CDC upgraded the monkeypox alert to level 2, advising travelers to practice extended precautions, including wearing a couple weeks ago but was only picked up by news media outlets including The Gateway Pundit.

After it was reported by the news media outlets, the CDC was criticized for its confusing policy.

Last Tuesday, a CDC spokesperson confirmed they removed the mask recommendation to avoid “confusion.”

“Late yesterday, CDC removed the mask recommendation from the monkeypox Travel Health Notice because it caused confusion,” a CDC spokesperson claimed last week.

Who listens to the CDC anymore after how they handled Covid-19?

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