BIDEN ECONOMY: Americans Are Pulling Back on Vacations, Travel and Restaurants to Save Money

Biden’s economy is tumbling and getting worse.  More Americans are eating out less and restrained from taking vacations this year because of what Biden has done to their incomes. 

Biden’s economy is crushing most Americans with high gas prices, high electricity, and high food prices.  President Trump’s former campaign advisor reported this past week on how real inflation of up 25% in these areas which is killing the middle class.

“Real Inflation for the Vast Majority of Americans is Far Higher” Than What’s Being Reported: Steve Cortes Breaks Down Massive 25% Increase in “Necessities” Like Gas, Food and Utilities (VIDEO)

We see it in the stock market where at least one of President Trump’s economists predicts that the markets are going to fall much more in the coming months due to Biden’s economic policies.

Top Economist Hassett: You’re Going to be Looking at Rate Hikes Every Month This Year Going into 2023 – Stock Market Is Halfway to Its Bottom (VIDEO)

So it’s no wonder Americans are eating out less.  The Washington Post reported today:

More Americans are beginning to hold off on booking flights, getting haircuts, building backyard pools and replacing old leaky roofs — in some of the new signs that the consumer engine of U.S. economic growth could be losing steam.

Over the past several weeks, households had already cut back on big-ticket purchases because of soaring prices, but in a worrisome twist, data suggests consumers are also beginning to tap the brakes on dining out, vacation plans and even routine services like manicures, hair cuts and home-cleaning appointments. Business owners around the country say rising prices, dwindling savings and concerns of a souring economy are taking a toll on household spending decisions.

Biden’s economy is only getting worse with no plans for fixing the mess they created.  What a corrupt mess we are in.

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