Arizona Public School Includes Medical Intake Form For Gender-Affirming Hormone Therapy In Student Records

According to a report by the Arizona Daily Independent, recent public records request to the Scottsdale Unified School District (SUSD) resulted in the disclosure of a blank patient intake form for a local hormone and gender transition facility in the Phoenix area.

The purpose of the form is not yet known. Officials for the school district have failed to reply to requests for comment or explanation.

The Superintendent of the SUSD, Scott Menzel, and the school board members have not responded to requests regarding the form discovered in the records request.

The documents received by a parent in response to their public records request included the patient registration form for Identity Hormones. This Phoenix-based firm claims to “understand the fluidity of gender and hormones.”

According to the report, the form in question was obtained in a request for official SUSD communications for Michelle Schulke, the Genders Sexuality Club teacher at Desert Mountain High School, a chapter of a Genders & Sexualities Alliances (GSA) club led primarily by students.

When contacted for additional information regarding the form’s discovery, the district’s General Counsel, Lori Bird, said the gender transition patient intake form was included in error. She said SUSD would provide no further documents.

Bird noted that the document was an attachment sent by a student’s parent to Schulke. However, she said the district was unwilling to provide a redacted copy of the alleged email.

The Scottsdale Unified School District has come under scrutiny for having multiple controversial Genders Sexuality Alliance clubs on its middle and high school campuses.

The Arizona Daily Independent shows evidence of the district’s social workers using the Untiown Club as a cover for sexualized programming.

SUSD has consistently supported GSA clubs, claiming that the clubs reduce the risk of suicide for gender-confused youth. But, there is concern that providing gender-affirming therapies to minors may result in lifelong mental and medical problems.

While progressives insist that gender-affirming care prevents LGBTQ+ youth suicide, studies show that giving kids cross-sex hormones might actually increase suicide rates.

The issue of gender-affirming practices in public schools has made national news. Stories have highlighted school districts across the country training teachers to conceal students’ gender identities from parents, teachers recruiting kids into sexuality clubs, and pushing gender ideology in classrooms. In some instances, activist teachers coach other teachers on how to hide the true purpose of “Equity” or “Sexuality” clubs.



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