Uniparty Takes Out Talented GOP Freshman Madison Cawthorn Just Weeks After He Openly Discussed DC Orgies in Interview

In early April Madison Cawthorn sat down for an interview where he discussed being invited to orgies by DC elites.

Cawthorn did not name names.  He did not implicate Republican lawmakers.

He said something we all already knew — That Washington DC is full of corrupt perverts and that he was invited to orgies and cocaine parties.

Madison declined the invitation.

Following his interview and his open discussion on the perversion in Washington DC, House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy DID NOT ask for an investigation into the DC perversion.

Instead, GOP Leader McCarthy met with Madison Cawthorn and told him he needs to turn his life around or “there will be consequences.”

McCarthy Tells Madison Cawthorn He Needs to Turn His Life Around Or There Will be Consequences For His Cocaine and Orgy Allegations

And there were consequences. Following this interview, the Uniparty released numerous smears and hit pieces on Rep. Madison Cawthorn.

The Uniparty even ran revenge porn video and photos to smear the popular MAGA representative.

Here are a few of the hit pieces. All of them were smears and misrepresented by the mainstream media.

** Liberal Org That Filed Lawsuit Trying to Bar Madison Cawthorn From Running For Re-Election is Now Doing the Same to Marjorie Taylor Greene

** ** Risqué Photos Released of Rep. Cawthorn Wearing Women’s Lingerie — But They Were From Before He Ran for Congress, With His Wife

** Breaking: Popular Rep. Madison Cawthorn Accused of ‘Potential’ Insider Trading — But Pelosi Walks Free?

On Tuesday Madison Cawthorn lost his Republican primary race. The Uniparty took him out.

Rep. Madison Cawthorn is talented, extremely charismatic, very intelligent, a gifted speaker, very handsome, and physically challenged.

But Cawthorn had two things against him: He loved MAGA and Trump and he spoke the truth about Washington corruption.

If Republicans were a serious party they would have done all they could to defend and promote this amazing young Republican.

But they aren’t and they didn’t.

Instead, they helped take him out. Maybe it was his talk of orgies?

NEVER talk about the DC orgies.

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